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Out of schedule: All the Discovery Channel stars who are in jail

The Discovery Channel is filled with entertainment used to educate and shock its audience. So why is it so controversial? Well, a lot of the notable names involved in the shows on Discovery Channel’s schedule are also involved in crime. That’s right, Discovery Channel’s stars including The Crash Reel’s Jesse Snodgrass have been in jail.

Let’s dive in and take a look at the most controversial stars and what we can expect from Discovery Channel’s upcoming schedule. 

Discovery+’s schedule

Discovery Channel has recently brought a new streaming service called Discovery+. This streamer offers over 70,000 shows and films for your viewing pleasure for $4.99 a month or $6.99 a month to view without any ads. 

In February 2023, we’re getting rewarded with some quality entertainment. Here’s everything that’s being added to their schedule: 

Leave it to Geege

The show follows Atlanta-based single mom of two Geege Taylor, who showcases her strength, heart, and adaptability as a twice-divorced breast cancer survivor and autism acceptance advocate. With one son, 19-year-old Pootie, diagnosed as non-verbal and autistic, Geege knows firsthand how important it is to educate and help others through the joys and challenges of raising an autistic child.

Heartbreak Island (Season 3) 

The third season of this Mark Dye-hosted dating competition series is sure to get hearts racing and temperatures rising as a new group of 20-something singles put it all on the line in a bid to find their perfect partners and get a shot at winning $100,000. Girls & guys will pair up, face challenges, stay or stray in Passion Plays, and ultimately decide if they’ve found real love, all while playing the game to avoid elimination and walking the wharf off Heartbreak Island.

Pawn Stars (Season 20) 

Married at First Sight (Season 14)

The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders

The College Admissions Scandal 

Crash and burn

When you think of the Discovery channel, you may recall the exciting and often thrilling shows that feature daredevils and thrill-seekers. But what you may need to learn is that some of these stars have wound up behind bars for their various stunts or dangerous antics. Here are a few of the Discovery Channel stars who are currently in jail.

One of the most notorious examples is Jesse Snodgrass, otherwise known as The Crash Reel. He was featured on the show Street Outlaws which showcased his wild and daring racing skills. Snodgrass often took risks that ultimately landed him in hot water with the law, leading to multiple arrests for charges including reckless driving and drug possession.

Another example is Scott Ferrall. He’s been featured on several shows such as American Chopper, Monster Garage, and Wild West Tech. His thrill-seeking lifestyle led him to be arrested in 2009 for DUI and possession of drugs, leading to his incarceration at Elayn Hunt Correctional Center in Louisiana.

Last but not least we have Gregory Austin McGrath. He appeared on Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch back in 2011 but unfortunately, his fame didn’t lead him down a positive path – instead, he got into trouble due to drug possession and faced jail time in Oregon after failing to report to court dates related to it. Despite being released earlier this year, it looks like McGrath isn’t out of hot water just yet!

These are only a few examples of Discovery Channel stars who have landed themselves in jail due to their dangerous antics or bad luck with the law. It’s an unfortunate reminder that even though these reality shows can be entertaining – they can also have severe consequences if you don’t keep your head out of trouble!

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