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No matter the show, some fans refuse to let it die. Hop in the Batmobile and dive into why the campaign for 'Gotham' season 6 is still going strong. 

Save ‘Gotham’: Why do fans still want a season 6 two years later?

No matter the network or the show, some fans refuse to let it die. No other recent cancelled show is as big of an example of this as Gotham. The prequel series follows a young Jim Gordon as he learns how to survive as a beacon of justice in the lawless city of colorful criminals, all while the Dark Knight himself grows up to become the crime-fighting vigilante we know and love. 

Gotham ran for five seasons before Fox pulled the plug, leaving many fans upset over a lack of a sixth season to truly wrap up all the loose ends the show left dangling. The campaign to renew the show continues even today, two years after the final episode aired. Naturally, these fans turned to Twitter to continue the good fight. 

But why was Gotham cancelled before it could get to season 6? Why do people still want Gotham season 6 to be made even after two years? Luckily, we joked our way (pun intended) through the threads to find the best reactions to the #SaveGotham movement. Hop in the Batmobile and dive into why the campaign for Gotham season 6 is still going strong. 

The show cancelling trifecta 

The show unfortunately suffered quite a few blows that led to its cancellation. Gotham originally was slotted comfortably on Monday nights for its first three seasons, but soon the executives at Fox decided to change its telecast day to Thursdays, which was the first death sentence as Fox did Thursday Night Football, leaving Gotham little time to air its new episodes.  

The second blow came in the fact that, despite being aired on Fox owned networks, the show was produced by Warner Bros. This made the show less valuable to Fox, as it was more expensive and less profitable for them to continue than any shows made in-house. 

The last blow came back to the fact that a lot of audiences have shifted away from the classic television format of watching shows, leaving Gotham, despite its large fanbase, unable to keep their ratings up. The shift to a new night where it would be unavailable for most of the year didn’t help either. With all that working against the show, it’s no wonder it was given the axe before Gotham season 6 could be considered. 


Despite the show’s cancellation, the fanbase refuses to give up. #SaveGotham continues to trend on Twitter even two years after the show’s last episode aired. Many still hold out hope that the network may change its mind or another network will buy the rights (after all, that’s what happened with Lucifer). Some of the best reactions to this campaign include: 

 Yes we can! At least, we can continue to try! 

How can you say no to that face? 

It was a big part of our lives that never really got a good ending, to be honest. 

 Just more, in general. 

Think you’ll  be waiting a while, dude. . . 

We stan a set of murder husbands! Less for the murder, more for the feels. 

We’d be careful, these kitties have claws. . . 

Ah, yes, the fanfiction continues. . . 

And we are not going to change anytime soon. 

Unfortunately, those loose ends may just end up dangling for a while . . . 

What do you think of the campaign to get Gotham season 6? Drop your thoughts down below before Gordon’s mustache gets any longer!

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