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Will Ghislaine Maxwell die in 2020? Is Maxwell already dead? Delve into the outlandish conspiracy theories from after her arrest.

Ghislaine Maxwell in 2020: Conspiracy theories say she’s dead

For all anyone knows, Ghislaine Maxwell is awaiting trial in solitary confinement in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York. However, conspiracies allege that this isn’t the case. Rather, Ghislaine Maxwell is dead and the U.S. government is covering it up. 

Ghislaine Maxwell is awaiting her trial date in 2021 for her alleged role in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. The charges against her involve trafficking minors, conspiracy, and perjury. 

Right now, the trial is in the “discovery” phase, where Maxwell’s defense team & the prosecution gather and present evidence to the court for trial (it’s not like in the movies where people can just burst through the courtroom door with new evidence). 

Or is it? Many conspiracies about Ghislaine Maxwell’s death popped up after her arrest in July alleging she was dead. Are any of them true? Let’s look through them. 

Ghislaine Maxwell’s obituary

The day after Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest, her alleged obituary made the rounds on the internet. Although the obituary was swiftly shut down and scrubbed as “fake news,” some people weren’t convinced. 

One reason conspiracy hounds didn’t believe Ghislaine Maxwell was dead was because they didn’t have proof she was in custody. Usually when an arrest is made, a mugshot is released. However, the DOJ clarified that federal guidelines don’t allow the release of mugshots after an arrest (although state & local jurisdictions differ). 

The DOJ clarified that releasing Ghislaine Maxwell’s mugshot could impact her right to a fair trial. Therefore, they don’t release mugshots unless there’s a need. An example would be if Ghislaine Maxwell escaped custody and a manhunt for her was underway. 

Getting suicided

Others didn’t believe Maxwell was dead, but believed she would be “suicided” soon. After the death of Jeffrey Epstein a month after his arrest, evidence around his death was so shaky, conspiracy wonks jumped on it. The lack of a security tape, plus protocol not being followed meant something was fishy. 

The suspicious circumstances surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s death and the powerful people in Epstein’s circle led conspiracy theorists to believe that Epstein didn’t kill himself. Later, the same theory would apply to Ghislaine Maxwell, both by conspiracy wonks and possibly the Bureau of Prisons itself. 

Protecting Ghislaine Maxwell

When Ghislaine Maxwell was first brought into custody, she was immediately placed in suicide watch. She was only given paper clothes and closely monitored 24/7. After the Epstein debacle, the MDC didn’t want to take chances with her. 

Ghislaine Maxwell remains in solitary confinement. Her defense team, who motioned to release her into the general population, argued that her treatment was “worse” than most inmates in her shoes, and she was being subject to “onerous conditions”. 

The Bill Barr connection

After U.S. attorney general William Barr allegedly went to visit Ghislaine Maxwell in prison, conspiracy sleuths pointed out a grave connection. Barr reportedly visited Jeffrey Epstein the night before he died. Did that mean Ghislaine Maxwell was going to get the ax after? 

Except there was no visitation. Barr neither visited Jeffrey Epstein nor Ghislaine Maxwell. The story came from a New York Post that cited a mob informant with ties to mob boss John Gotti. The story spread like wildfire (mea culpa, we fell for it, too) and made the rounds well after Epstein’s death and Maxwell’s arrest. 

Snopes, who noted the discrepancy, reached out to the Dept. of Justice and the New York Post for clarification. While the Post didn’t respond, a DOJ spokesperson called the rumor “preposterous”. 

“Attorney General Barr has never visited MCC.” She also nixed the possibility that Barr visited Jeffrey Epstein or Ghislaine Maxwell quietly, too. “The Attorney General has 24/7 FBI protective detail. So they would have had to be there, too.” 

William Barr has a connection to Epstein that goes before his time as attorney general. Barr’s father was the headmaster at The Dalton School when Epstein taught math, despite being a college dropout with no connections. The connection prompted calls for Barr to recuse himself from the Jeffrey Epstein case. 

Do you trust any reporting on the Jeffrey Epstein or Ghislaine Maxwell case, or are you waiting to see real proof that Ghislaine Maxwell’s alive? Let us know! 

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