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The first of the 'Game of Thrones' spinoffs is coming in 2022 and fans are not as excited as HBO hoped. Get back to Westeros and dive into this spinoff!

Does this trailer prove ‘Game of Thrones”s spin-offs will flop?

The first of the Game of Thrones spinoffs is coming in 2022 and fans are . . . . not as excited as HBO hoped. The first of the Game of Thrones spinoffs, House of the Dragon, will be coming to HBO Max in 2022 according to the teaser they released today. 

If this had been before the fateful finale had aired, the announcement of any sort of Game of Thrones spinoffs would have had fans in a frenzy. But considering the finale and the topic of the new series, it shouldn’t be surprising that fans are less than thrilled. 

Naturally, Twitter is the center of this apathy and discontent over the announcement of this first of the Game of Thrones spinoffs. We flew through the threads to find more information and the best reactions to the announcement of the first of these Game of Thrones spinoffs. Get back to Westeros as we dive into House of the Dragon. 

Targaryen return

This particular spinoff series will take place 200 years before the events of the main series and will focus on the Targaryen family at the time, giving us a peak at the bloodsoaked reign of the family that was only hinted at in the main show. 

Though we get little as far as plot from the teaser, we do get a peak at its impressive cast. Paddy Considine, Matt Smith, Sonoya Mizuno, Steve Toussaint, Rhys Ifans, and Olivia Cooke are all on board, meaning that if anything else we’ll get to see some great action & acting from the series. 

The series is set to air in 2022 and be available for HBO Max streaming subscribers. But HBO didn’t seem to consider one thing: that many may not be as fired up about the show as they would have hoped.


Game of NO 

The Game of Thrones series finale seemed to collectively be considered the worst ending of any long running series in recent history, to the point where when Supernatural ended people were praying that they wouldn’t “Game of Thrones it” (spoiler alert: they did). 

Most of the characters took a sharp left turn out of their normal characterization, taking all the amazing political realism and tossing it out the window. No one else got the shortest end of the stick, however, than Daenerys, whose shift from liberator to pseudo-fascist left fans with whiplash and anger previously unseen. 

Therefore HBO shouldn’t be shocked that fans are not that excited to see a spinoff based on the family of the one person the finale messed up the most as far as characterization. No matter how many cool fight scenes and dragons they throw in, Game of Thrones fans don’t seem to plan on forgetting anytime soon. 

Twitter doesn’t care

Of course, many fans of the original series went to Twitter to discuss the announcement. Some voiced their shock at the announcement while others shared their apathy, showcasing that the fandom is clearly not over the finale. Reactions to the announcement include: 

We’re not lawyers, but that sounds about right. 

The Lanisters are not amused . . . . . 

*alarm clock goes off* Huh, what happened . . . . ?

 Yeah, a lot has changed since the finale, so this show is on thin ice. 

Aka most people’s reaction in a nutshell. 

What are your thoughts on the announcement of the first of these Game of Thrones spinoffs? Drop them below in the comments before the fight for the Iron Thrones begins again! 

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