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Sometimes you just have to remind your friends how important they are. Share these friendship memes with them so they know.

Show love in the group chat with these wholesome friendship memes

Friendship, as they say, is magic. It’s always guaranteed to have someone willing to provide you an alibi. For what? You don’t need to say, but the true ride or dies are ready and willing to give you one. What better way to spam the group chat than with memes about your friendship? After all, most friends are pretty much exclusively communicating through memes these days because quarantine.

So, if you want to up your friendship meme game, then check out these 15 perfect friendship memes we’ve discovered. Are they traditionally wholesome? Meh. But they’re wholesome in the way that you and your friends are wholesome, meaning you’re roasting each other one minute and willing to cut someone that looks at them wrong the next.

And isn’t that, after all, the true meaning of friendship? With this in mind, let’s dive into some excellent memes which will have you and your friends rolling.

1. Humans are weird and so is friendship

Like, you meet a person and decide “welp guess I’m going to awkwardly follow you around at parties for the rest of my life”. Or is this just how introverts decide on their friends? Either way, it’s beautiful, special, and utterly human.

2. When your besties gets dramatic on main

Okay, time to go get you BFF a chill pill and remind them that hey you’re there. And they do have someone in their corner. Do you need to cut someone? You probably do. But first, you need to smack some sense into them.

3. Talking to friends versus talking to best friends

Listen, a true level of friendship is only reached when you start casually roasting each other, flipping the bird, and getting ready to start a fight when someone not a level 10 friend starts to make fun of your bestie. That’s what you do.

4. How far can you embarrass your BFF?

And that’s when you take up the challenge to act stupider in public. You have to know just how far they’ll go before they’re embarrassed to be seen with you. 

5. When you and the bestie get old

Ah, the sort of friendship we all wish for when we get old. The kind with some dark humor and sick burns about our upcoming funerals.

6. When your friend has lost their romantic mind in quarantine

Listen, listen, everyone is feeling a little needy because of the pandemic. But that doesn’t mean you lose all sense of taste in romantic partners, Lydia! Just put down the phone and let’s talk about this.

7. Make the sickest comeback to ever be created! 

The friends who create sick burns together, stay together. That’s just how the world works, kids.

8. Byyyyyyyyyyye

Middle fingers up, but also make sure they text you when they get home so you know they’re okay. Listen, the rules of friendship are complicated, people.

9. When you need to get everyone to back off

All friends should have a codeword that means “back off, you’re getting too close to actually hurting my feelings” rather than have things devolve into a fight, you know? 

10. Better hope your parents never see you driving with the squad

It’s amazing that friends driving around together don’t get pulled over more.

11. Welcome to the stupid! 

Currently, most best friends are losing their minds over Destiel being canon and then immediately going “bury your gays” in the wildest way possible. It’s bringing people together.

12. Time to make the weirdest face in the group photo

Someone has to make the group photos weird and it might as well be that one friend you’re all thinking of right now. And if you can think of no one, then you are that friend.

13. It’s always opposite day when talking about your best friend

To quote Mazikeen Smith from Lucifer, “No one calls my skank a skank!” 

14. Being the odd one out in the friend group

Be the weird one. Get that support. Ride on you funky little weirdo.

15. United in dislike

Nothing unites people like the dislike of that one person that drives y’all mad.

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