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Wondering what other video games are like 'Among Us'? Here are some other great deception based games to anger your friends with.

‘Among Us’: Ruin your friendships with these deception games

Among Us is the newest multiplayer gaming craze. Among Us gives players two roles: crewmate or impostor. The crewmates’ jobs are to find out who the impostors are and get rid of them while completing tasks around the map. The impostor’s job is to kill the crewmates without being identified. 

The goal of the game is to deceive your friends & other players by placing suspicion on other crewmates. Among Us is a merciless game and will require you to betray your friends in order to win. Here are some other games like Among Us that can ruin friendships.

Push The Button

Push The Button is a multiplayer party game made by Jackbox Games. Push The Button takes place on a spaceship in which two of the crew members are secretly aliens. Each round, a different player is the captain and they place two members in rooms where they will complete a task such as answering a question or drawing something. The rest of the players then vote on whose answers are the most suspicious.

If you’re an alien, your questions or challenges are slightly different, however, you also have the power to hack another player to put suspicion on them. Once the crew thinks they know who the aliens are, they vote players off of the ship. If the crew was incorrect, then the aliens win and kill off the rest of the crew.

Project Winter

Project Winter takes the Among Us concept and places players in a cabin setting where you’re trapped in a blizzard. However, there are traitors among the survivors. Players need to work together in order to gather up resources to survive the storm. The number of survivors slowly gets lower as the traitors start picking off survivors. The survivors must pick out the traitors in order to survive the blizzard

Town of Salem

In Town of Salem, seven to fifteen players are assigned different roles. The townspeople of Salem are infiltrated by members of the mafia and need to figure out who they are. If the townspeople fail to root out the mafia members, then the mafia kills them all. The townspeople need to gather evidence and work together to save their town of Salem from the mafia.


Deceit is a much more horrifying & gory version of Among Us. The kills are graphic and the environment is filled with suspense. You’re trying to survive a night in a creepy environment, while a third of the crew has been infected by a virus that turns them into monster-like beings. 

You and the rest of the crew need to figure out who the infected are in order to survive a violent death at the hands of these monsters. This may require you to turn on your friends for your own survival.

Trouble in Terrorist Town

Trouble in Terrorist Town is a game mode within the sandbox game Garry’s Mod. There are three different roles that are assigned to each player. The majority of the players are innocent, while a few are traitors, and only a couple of players are detectives. 

The traitors will try to kill the innocent, and the detectives have to figure out who the traitors are in order to catch them. All of the players have increasing paranoia throughout Trouble in Terrorist Town.

The Escapists

The Escapists is different from Among Us because every player is looking out for themselves. The point of this game is to solve puzzles and use strategy in order to escape from prison. You may have to betray your friends by stealing their stuff in order to get items to aid your escape. Players can form alliances, but this game is set in a dog-eat-dog world. 

These games are lots of fun to play with others, as they require people to team up in order to figure out how to win. However, don’t expect to build any long-lasting friendships after either murdering or betraying your friends.

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