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Everyone's favorite pandemic game will soon be available on Xbox & Playstation. Will the console version of 'Among Us' still be free? Check all the details.

Is ‘Among Us’ free on the Xbox and Playstation?

In 2020, Among Us was the multiplayer social game the people needed. Friends, family, & co-workers alike worked as virtual astronauts to complete missions and sus out imposters in their ranks. It quickly became 2020’s most downloaded mobile game!

At the time of its release, Among Us was free to play on iOS & Android devices, as well as in Windows. Methods of playing the popular game are now being expanded through a multi-console release. Is it still going to be free to play?

Not many people are still practicing self-quarantine anymore. Yet, the pandemic is reaching another peak as new COVID-19 variants appear at an alarming rate. Among Us might once again be the hero of social connection.

Find the Impostor(s)!

Among Us is a free space-themed game currently free on iOS & Android devices. Players join teams as Crewmates and dress as armless astronauts as they complete tasks & missions around a virtual map.

It’s all very friendly with peaceful Kumbaya vibes and ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ energy. The catch? Players are randomly selected to be Imposters within groups who sabotage the mission by either killing Crewmates or triggering an irreversible crisis.

Once a Crewmate becomes sus, other Crewmates can call an emergency meeting and vote to remove them as the alleged Imposter(s). Sus behavior can be anything from questionable movements on the map to leaving a trail of bodies.

As Among Us has grown in popularity, new maps & features have been added, though it’s still free. The newest spaceships include ‘The Skeld’, ‘The Airship’, ‘Polus’, and ‘MIRA HQ’. While previously released, the captivating game reached peak popularity during the pandemic.

Pandemic popularity

In 2018, American game studio Innersloth developed & published Among Us, which is still free on iOS & Android devices. The multiplayer social game challenges Crewmates to identify Imposters while completing space missions.

During the pandemic, it reached popularity due to well-known YouTubers & Twitch streamers. At the same time, people in real life were treating each other suspiciously behind personal pandemic practices such as not wearing masks.

If the in-game & real-life paranoia sounds familiar, it might be. John Carpenter’s The Thing follows an increasingly paranoid group as they try to find the alien imposter among them. Mafia pits players against each other as they sus out secret roles. Game designer Marcus Bromander cited both as inspiration for Among Us.

Console release

On Dember 14th, Among Us will find its way to Xbox & Playstation. With Xbox, it’ll be available on Xbox Game Pass as well as Xbox Series S/X & Xbox One. With Playstation, it’ll be available on the PS4 & PS5 consoles.

While Among Us is still free for iOS & Android users, the newest console versions come with exclusive access. Playstation players, for example, will have access to features like exclusive Clank & Ratchet-themed skins, clothing, and even pets!

Fans can look forward to other awesome features such as a hide and seek mode, a fifth map, and new ways to customize visors. Among Us is scheduled to release a physical edition in January.

Free games

Players can still access Among Us on iOS & Android devices, where the game is still free. For gamers who prefer Xbox & Playsation, both consoles offer a number of similar games for free.

Unfortunate Spacemen puts players in groups where they have to sus out villainous members among them. Project Winter has players work to gather resources while also working to sus out their more deceptive members.

Are you more excited to play Among Us on Xbox or Playstation? Which spaceship map is your favorite? Do you prefer playing as a Crewmate or an Imposter? Let us know in the comments below!

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