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Should We Play Pandemic Themed Video Games? Are there any available to play now? Let's take a short dive into how COVID-19 influenced gaming.

Should We Play Pandemic Themed Video Games?

Ethic base versus the freedom of artistic creation is an old rivalry. Psychologically, it is too hard to start a realistic game about a pandemic, with all the modern background. But life goes on, and the gaming industry is a mirror of society. We have to overcome the situation and see the good moments in our lives.

Bright and optimistic casino games like free offline slots are required in these harsh times too. Though the pandemic theme also can help to release the inner fears and even helps in intellectual development. For example, there were studies in Mumbai that tell us about the perspective of board games during the disease outbreak.

The board games are mixing the core strategy and time management. The gameplay delivers the player a light-themed fight against various plagues. Like in the ” big ” tabletop games, pandemic management is about the classes. You can be there:

  • a field medic;
  • a laboratory scientist;
  • a theoretical scholar, etc. 

The gaming process can’t help you become a real antivirus manager. But it definitely helps the gamers to contain themselves. The tabletops are too cheap, and the people of Mumbai sincerely enjoy these activities. The victory over the virus (even virtual) gives a strong and positive vibe impact.

Of course, a lot of game vendors got tickets on the hype train. There are a lot of small games about COVID-19. Most of them are educational, though, and you can play for free, using a standard browser. The explanation is simple: game production is an expensive part of development and takes a lot of time. But the educational branches demand the materials right now. So, we have a bunch of games with mediocre graphics but decent content. Let’s see some examples.

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