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Dying for some new free games for your PC? Check out some of the hottest free titles out there for you to play your way through.

Save your coins with these free games on your PC

With the advent of new consoles like the PlayStation 5 and in-game graphics that rival the quality of blockbuster CGI, it can be tempting to think that the newest & biggest video games are inherently the best. Yet with systems that sometimes cost around the same amount as a month’s rent, and games at $60 a pop, the newest in gaming technology may not be affordable to most.

Luckily, there are plenty of high-quality and entertaining games available for free on your PC. With games in a variety of styles & genres available for download or play in your browser, why not pinch a few pennies and give them a try? Plus, some of them will give you the nostalgia of playing games in the school computer lab when you were supposed to be doing homework.

First-person shooters

There are plenty of free games online in this classic mode, offering a variety of styles & storylines. Released in March of this year, Enlisted offers an experience similar to the Battlefield franchise. 

History buffs will love this game, as you get the chance to command a squadron of troops in some of the most iconic battles in World War II. Unlike other war games such as Call of Duty, if you are killed in action you will then switch to controlling a different soldier in your unit.

If a futuristic aesthetic is more of your vibe, look no further than Splitgate: Arena Warfare. This tactical team-based shooter is developed by some of the people who worked on Halo 3, and the two games have a lot in common. The look of the players and the battlefields are even similar. 

Where Splitgate differentiates itself is in its collaborative possibilities, allowing players to use jet packs & portals to devise plans for victory.

Role-playing games

Sometimes referred to in this context as massively multiplayer online games, this genre allows players to inhabit an enormous and continuous open world, often as fantastical beings. Some of the most famous and popular free games for PC are MMORPGs, such as RuneScape and World of Warcraft.

If you want to play a more recent RPG, then go ahead and check out Guild Wars 2. This game satisfies the fantasy elements that are common in many games of this type, with creatures like ogres and elaborate armor & swords. 

However, Guild Wars 2 individualizes itself from other similar MMORPGs with an interactive story. Players are presented with quest choices that will change the trajectory of their gameplay depending on what they decide to do. 

There are also options for those that are interested in a role-playing game, yet might not want all the trappings of a fantasy realm. One of the best free games on PC that fits this description is World of Warships. Although this RPG is similar to World of Tanks, it’s gameplay is much more methodical. Instead of relying on berserk warfare, players in World of Warships can utilize their intellect to strategize the best path to winning.


For gamers who desire a more retro feel from their free games on PC, platform games are a satisfying option. One of the most popular game genres for independent developers, there are countless worlds of fun available for exploration with platformers.

A clear example of the nostalgia offered by platform games, You Have to Win the Game will make you feel as if you have traveled back in time. This game includes the classic platform tropes of avoiding booby traps on a quest for hidden treasure. What really gives this game a throwback feel is the fact that players can opt to view the gameplay in four color CGA graphics. 

Fans of the famous Super Mario franchise will love Super Mario XP, a tribute released back in 2003. What’s even better is that this game also incorporates aspects from Castlevania. Gamers can play as Mario or Luigi and use boomerangs & hammers to fend off enemies and navigate through diverse levels. This free game on PC is fun for all ages. Mamma mia!

Even though we did not cover every kind of game available for free on PC, these are a great start for gamers looking to tighten their budget. The internet is full of entertaining and exciting games of every genre available at no cost to you. What is your favorite game that is free on PC? Let us know in the comments!

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