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There’s plenty of VR experiences and games for you to take part in. We’re here with game suggestions for your VR needs. Here's the best VR games.

The best VR games to help you through self-isolation

Who needs real life right now, with its plagues of illness, crazy weather, and locusts? We’re staying indoors with virtual reality. Whether it’s in the form of video games, movies, TV shows, or true VR software, escapism has never been more needed than it is now. 

If you’re one of the lucky rich folk to have gotten your hands on a VR headset, you may find yourself using it more often than not now. But with such huge updates in the world of VR, what should you even do with your toy now?

Never fear, we’re here with game suggestions for your VR needs. If you need a taste of the outside world from the comfort of your couch, or just a video game with a bit more immersiveness, there’s plenty of VR experiences and games for you to take part in. 

Beat Saber

Your average rhythm game, but with lightsabers. It’s not only a fun game to move around with, but it’s actually a great workout. Moving, dipping, jumping, dodging your way to victory, while the neon game pieces fly by? Beat Saber is one hell of a ride to take.

Catan VR

Settlers of Catan is still to this day one of the top tabletop games on the market. The VR version brings the game to the digital age, but still keeps in those classic board game touches to make it feel like the original. 

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

Everyone and their mother has played Skyrim at this point. But have you played it in VR? Where you can literally shoot spells out of your hands? This is the update to the legendary RPG we didn’t know we needed. And you can sit down while playing to keep the lazy day going.

Eve Valkyrie

If piloting a spacecraft in a dogfight is a dream of yours after watching Star Wars, Eve Valkyrie brings it to life the best it can. With six vs six matches allowing players regardless of the console to play together, it’s a fun multiplayer experience for all involved. 

The Invisible Hours

You’re the detective solving the murder of Nikola Tesla, killed one night in his quiet mansion. Of course, there’s multiple suspects that you have to investigate. But this mystery game has you rewinding and fast forwarding, acting as a fly on the wall to get the truth about Tesla’s death. It’s a new take on the mystery game genre. 


At first glance, Superhot seems like your run-of-the-mill first-person shooter. But the story that unravels as you continue to take down enemies is so much deeper than just shooting bad guys. Plus, time only moves when you do. So it almost turns into a puzzle game at times as you find yourself surrounded by enemies. 

Rec Room

It’s the Wii Sports of VR. This multiplayer experience lets you play around with friends in a variety of different games and activities. Paintball, escape rooms, laser tag, bowling, the options are limitless. Rooms are created by strangers, but you can even create your own to enjoy with your friends. 

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Also known as “Friendship Ruiner: The Game”, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes puts you and a friend in the seat as bomb disarming experts. But the way to play properly is have one person be the bomb expert on the headset, while the other has the disarming guide, but can’t see the screen. Communication is key my friends. 

Smash Hit

You may have played this game as a mobile app, but the VR version allows for a more immersive and almost zen experience. Just like the mobile game, you’re throwing silver balls to break glass and get your way to the end, but the calming backgrounds feel much more calming and zen in VR, and it’s easier to focus than looking at your tiny phone screen. 

Arizona Sunshine

And now it’s time for the obligatory zombie survival game. But this is the kind of genre that VR was born for. But unlike most where you feel like you have unlimited ammo and can live through anything, Arizona Sunshine gives you limited shots, and your guns are a hell of a lot more inaccurate. It feels truly like if you were stuck in the zombie apocalypse.

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