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Tired of being stuck in the house watching the same movies? Grab your gamer buddies and check out the latest in free online multiplayer games!

Break free from boredom with these free multiplayer online games

Quarantine hit a lot of us hard. We used everything to keep us all connected and it’s been . . . kinda working (sorta? Maybe? Not really.) But let’s be honest here, there are only so many Netflix parties one can host and so many Zoom calls one can stand before boredom sets in. How do you get rid of it? The answer is simple: free multiplayer online games. 

Instead of sitting and watching something together, download some free multiplayer online games (cause who wants to pay for stuff these days?) to play with your friends! Whether they’re fantasy-based battle games or renditions of old classics like UNO or Connect4, free multiplayer online games are a great way to keep connected while beating boredom. But where can you find these games? 

Luckily, we played through the internet to find the best free multiplayer online games that will make you the life of any virtual party! Grab your friends as you dive into our list of free multiplayer online games.

online games multiplayer free

Pinball FX 3

If you’re the kind of friend group who wants to keep it simple for an online get-together, this first one is for you! Pinball FX 3 is your classic pinball with a few fun twists. While you could shell out some cash to get additional tables, you do get one for free that you and your friends can play on for as long as you like! 

The game has a great online scoreboard so you can keep track of who is winning and who wants a rematch. The game provides support for both asynchronous play and tournament-style play, so even when the party’s over, the match can still go on. In short, let the games begin! 

The game is published by Zen Studios and can be played on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch.

online games multiplayer free


Grab your swords and brush up on your lore, because this game is god-level epic! Smite is a multiplayer MOBA that focuses on scraps between gods and monsters from every corner of the globe, including Achilles, Bellona, and Guan Yu. Here, you and your friends can either duke it out yourselves or work together in what is essentially a digital DND campaign. 

Along with the friends you know, you’ll also have the opportunity to make new friends as you explore this sprawling world, as the game has a small but active fanbase, with full servers and constant updates of characters & maps, giving you hours of fun gameplay with friends old & new! 

The game is developed by Hi-Rez Studios and can be played on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

online games multiplayer free


Wanna trade out the swords for blasters? No problem! Welcome to Paladins, a fantasy-based shooter that looks as if Overwatch got teleported back a few centuries. You and your friends can explore The Realm and fight against the Magistrate for the fate of magic use in the land! 

The game has a great cartoonish charm and a ton of locations to explore, from desert temples to glacier fortresses. You even get your own warhorse, making travel fun and giving you another virtual pet (because who can ever have enough of those?) In short, if you want a fun fantasy game with a twist to play with friends, saddle up and download Paladins. 

The game is also developed by Hi-Rez Studios and can be played on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. 

Have any other fun free online multiplayer games for us to try? Drop them below in the comments so we can gather up some friends and get started! 

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