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If you’re stuck in a hole and need something new to do with your friends from the comfort of your couch, try one of these fun online games out.

Here’s our list of fun online games to play with friends now

The quarantine is carrying on for longer, as the virus is slowly but surely ending its spread. But as we wait for freedom to go back outside, we still need to socialize with our friends. While just playing old Facetime gets boring quickly, there’s other ways to socialize in the digital age. 

So many games are offering unique and creative ways to meet up with your friends online. Across every platform and genre, there’s a game for every group of friends to enjoy. If you’re stuck in a hole and need something new to do with your friends from the comfort of your couch, try one of these games out.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The hit Nintendo franchise came to the Switch after years of waiting. But what’s a deserted island without some friends to help style it up? The new online mode allows up to seven guests on your island at a time, so you can all go fishing or bug catching with a group. 

You even can share the wealth and let your friends shop at your Nook’s Cranny and Able Sisters shops to liven up their homes and closet. Just be careful who you let carry an axe on your island. You don’t want your friends messing up your fruit orchard. 


While this game does require a VR headset, it’s a fun way to get a little closer to your friends from home. Granted, it is a bit of a meme paradise, but it offers you the ability to change into whatever you want. You can look like yourself, or like Baby Yoda. It’s your choice.

Within the virtual worlds, you can basically end up anywhere you’d like. Whether it’s the virtual bar for some karaoke and darts, a futuristic city for some Tron style racing, or just at a home that looks a lot nicer than yours, the options are limitless.


Available across several platforms, the timed cooking game requires good communication. So get ready to start yelling at each other over Discord or FaceTime while playing because someone isn’t moving quick enough.

You and your friends work together to try and cook the orders coming in in a timely fashion. But a variety of obstacles await your team as you make your way through the levels. Get ready for some top level stress, but it’s worth your time. 


The trivia website best known for making your high school and college classes fun is easy to use for non educational quizzes. Make your own quiz, and test your friend’s knowledge on a variety of subjects, from the history of your friendship, to matching The Office and Friends quotes with the right character. 

Plus, many people have already created fun TV and film quizzes on Kahoot already, so you may not need to put in any work. Besides, if you’re still doing online classes, it’s always more fun to study together, and Kahoot’s the perfect way to mix it up. 

Gang Beasts

A fighting game, but your fighter is a walking pile of Jello. That’s the easiest way to pitch the ridiculousness that is Gang Beasts. But even with such a bizarre concept, it’s easily one of the best fighting games to come out in recent years.

With a great online multiplayer, you and your friends can attempt to throw each other to your doom. It’s not as simple as throwing the right punch, and that’s what makes Gang Beasts so addicting.

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