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Prepare for winter. Enjoy the summertime blues, and prepare yourself with these fine fifteen cold weather memes!

We’re already dreading winter: Join us with these cold weather memes

Right now, the Northern Hemisphere is enjoying some summertime fun. The weather is warm, the beaches are crowded (even though they shouldn’t be because of social distancing), and the days are long. Right now, it’s all about enjoying some responsible fun because we don’t want to die from the plague as 2020 is a hellscape that never ends! There’s still winter to handle on top of everything else.

While winter is sure to pimp slap us all in the face, we can brace ourselves from the impending frigid doom with some quality cold weather memes. As someone who grew up in a place where snow was regular along with subzero temperatures, the only thing that truly combats the cold is complaining bitterly about it and making fun of people who don’t know what real cold is.

So sit back, enjoy the summertime blues, and prepare yourself with these fine fifteen cold weather memes! 

1. Essential workers never get a break

It could be the next great Ice Age and your boss will be like “yeah we need you to come in today”. 

2. You’re just frozen

It doesn’t matter how many layers you have on. Father Winter will punch you in the face the moment you leave the warmth of your home.

3. Just mentally prepare yourself

Look at the icy and snowy hellscape before you. Take a deep breath. Walk outside into it. Because what do we say to the god of death?! “I want my blanket burrito” before perishing in the snow.

4. You can hear the Midwest and the Northeast laugh

Nothing brings people who have to deal with winter foolishness greater joy than watching people who get temperate to warm weather year ‘round deal with the cold.

5. We all need heaters in our bathrooms

Hot showers and hot baths are the bomb in the winter. What sucks is getting out of said hot shower or hot bath. Our solution? Floor heating everywhere. Make it mandatory.

6. Listen the air will hurt your face in California too

At the very least, we don’t have to worry too much about smog.

7. Cold weather dad joke!

We’re taking a break from your regularly scheduled cold weather memes so you can groan at this truly excellent dad joke.

8. It’s only fun if you’re good at winter sports

For those of us who can’t ski, it’s pure agony with occasional breaks for hot chocolates and jokes about The Shining.

9. Is it Star Wars? Or is it just living in Minnesota?

Hoth is not really that different from the Midwest in winter when you really sit down to think about it.

10. Ron Swanson: The Only Man We Can Trust

Sure, he’s technically sick in the episode where he dons all these layers. But anyone who lives in a place where you can go negative temperatures in the winter knows . . . this is the biggest mood.

11. Once the Holidays are over that’s it

Winter is only good for the holidays, but then it sticks around when they end. Ugh.

12. The North: *facepalm*

Sure, different states have different ideas of what constitutes hot and cold. But you also have to accept the “you don’t know what real cold is” when you break out a puffy jacket in 70-degree weather, okay?

13. Petition to be a blanket burrito all day

The pandemic has shown us all the amazingness of remote work. Let’s transfer this attitude to the winter months so we can work from home via blanket cocoons.

14. You get crafty

The colder it is, the more genius you get in order to avoid the cold.

15. It’s every person for themselves

There are no blanket hogs. There are only the strongest vs the weakest. And the strongest get all the blankets.

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