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The Internet, desperate for something, not the election, had jokes about 'Supernatural''s Destiel. Here's what people had to say.

Did ‘Supernatural’ just make Destiel canon? The internet says “yes”

Nov. 5, 2020, will go down as probably the night that the internet just lost its collective mind. Honestly, it’s been going down that road for a good long while with the endless cycle of terrible news and gloom that is 2020. With the election entering its 783rd day of counting the ballots, maybe everyone just needed the excuse to go feral. Apparently, Supernatural’s Destiel is giving us the excuse.

If you haven’t been on the internet in the last decade, Destiel is the ship name for the couple Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) and Castiel (Misha Collins) on Supernatural, whose fans immediately started shipping when the angel showed up back in season four. Oh boy, it’s one of the most popular ships on fanfic sites. If you’ve ever heard about the Omegaverse, it was Destiel fanfic that got that going. 

And there is the queerbaiting. Queerbaiting, again for those unfamiliar, is when a series teases a potential something between a popular fanon LGBTQ+ couple, but only teases. They never actually commit. On Nov. 5, 2020, in the episode “Despair”, the Supernatural writers committed in the most homophobic, queerbaiting, bury your gays way possible. 

Basically, Castiel made some sort of deal with something called the Empty. If he experienced a moment of, like, perfect happiness ala Angel from Buffy, then he gets chucked straight into “super hell”. He confesses his love for Dean Winchester in a three-minute monologue while Dean just awkwardly stares at him. And then Castiel dies and goes to super hell.

Supernatural has two episodes left. We don’t know how they’re going to top this. The Internet, desperate for something, not the election, had jokes about this confession. Here are some of the best ones because what even is 2020?! 

1. There had to be a better way to do this

We understand that maybe COVID-19 restrictions forced this scene to be filmed separately for Ackles and Collins. But, seriously, was the director just mentally checked out? It’s just . . . there had to be a better way to film this.

2. Might as well happen

We’re in the middle of a pandemic. The U.S. presidential election drags on for its, like, 900th day. The world is in shambles. This might as well be the year that Destiel becomes canon.

3. We’re all a little mad here

Destiel becoming canon is the tea party in Alice in Wonderland and we’re all the Mad Hatter pouring tea into our ears. 

4. It truly is impressive

Even The 100 gave Clexa a little time to breathe before they went right into Bury Your Gays.

5. Pop the box of champagne, lads

You did it! 

6. We have questions

Namely what the actual hell is Super Hell. And how much you want to bet that’s being folded into gays vernacular as we speak? 

7. C’mon Nevada!

And we all never thought that Destiel was going to become canon. So you have no excuse!

8. It’s just a lot

This whole year is a lot but Nov. 5 was like three years worth of a lot in 12 hours.

9. Emote! 

Seriously, seriously, this was the take they went with for Jensen Ackles?! Seriously?!

10. Might as well talk about the Putin thing

Last night there was a report released that Vladimir Putin was ill and stepping down from the Russian Presidency due to health concerns. Buuut in the past couple of hours, the Kremlin has denied these rumors. So, currently, he’s not going to quit. But a lot of us heard this news in posts about Destiel becoming canon and no one really knows how to feel about that! 2020, again, why.

11. It was a wild night

It was also pretty hilarious to watch. This was the most fun some people had on the internet all year.

12. Who knows? Maybe Destiel is coming for Putin

Probably not, but it certainly felt like that last night.

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