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Can fans save 'GLOW' from cancellation? See what the cast is trying to do to save the Netflix series.

Saving the show: The ‘GLOW’ cast won’t go down without a fight

Netflix continues its culling of shows it had renewed but now has to cancel due to COVID with its comedy series, GLOW. This dramedy series follows the fictionalization of characters of the 1980s women’s professional wrestling circuit known as the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. It was founded by David McLane. GLOW was renewed for a fourth & final season in Sept. 2019.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the production shutdowns arising from it, GLOW is one of several Netflix shows that has had their renewal status reversed in Oct. 2020. Fans and stars of the series have been fighting back against the reversal since then. Hopefully, the series can get that fourth and final season made just to make sure things end on their terms.

The cast of GLOW, however, has a great workaround for Netflix. If they can’t do a final season, then why not just down the route of series like Sense8 and do a wrap-up movie instead? 

What happened? 

During a livestream called AfterGlow – The Final Bell with the GLOW Girls, the cast called on fans to join a #SaveGLOW petition and write letters to Netflix. They’re not asking for a final season here. Instead, they find that a wrap-up movie would allow them to give the series the send-off that it deserves. Marc Maron said, “It would be a very exciting thing and it would seem like Netflix could do it if they wanted to do it.” 

They also are reminding you to go out and vote as well, which is what the livestream was about. AfterGlow was a partnership with HeadCount, which is a nonprofit that supports voter participation, and #GoodtoVote, which is a voter registrations initiative. So make sure to vote and then go sign a petition to #SaveGLOW! 

Why a movie is a good compromise for Netflix to make

Given that Netflix has been reversing a lot of its renewal decisions in light of the pandemic, fans aren’t too thrilled with the streaming service right about now. Cancellations are the norm, of course, for the series. But GLOW has a pretty sizable and dedicated fanbase that was expecting a final season for a series that they loved. It wouldn’t be the first time that Netflix gave a show a wrap-up movie.

Sense8 was canceled after two seasons? But it had major fan support behind it. The effort paid off with Netflix commissioning a sort of wrap-up for the fans of the series. Would they have liked more of their show? Sure, that’s only natural. Allowing a wrap-up movie, however, ties up loose ends and gives fans an ending, which is the only thing that they’re expecting here.

Ultimately, GLOW was given the green light for that final season. Netflix has put in place safety procedures to allow its series to film. Doing that for a wrap-up movie for GLOW wouldn’t be that big of a deal in the end, you know? It’ll give the fans and cast what they want for the series, which is to end it on their terms rather than be outright canceled.

The cast wants to do this

The cast of GLOW was pretty devastated about the show being canceled so suddenly, especially with its renewal. In a farewell to the series penned by Betty Gilpin, she wrote, “I have a recommendation. It’s not world-changing—we need to do that most right now, and focus our efforts there. But if in between fighting you need an escape, I suggest watching GLOW.”

Who knows? If Netflix sees those GLOW numbers going up in the wake of the cancellation, then maybe they’ll change their minds and give fans the movie that they all want. 

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