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Happy Fathers' Day! Just because 2021's day for dads is almost over doesn't mean we're stopping the celebration! Look at hot celebrity dads with us!

Happy Fathers Day: Celebrate by honoring these DILFs in 2021

Fathers’ Day 2021 is upon us, and even though the day is almost gone, we at Film Daily celebrate dads all year round. After all, dear old Dad is part of the reason for our existence. Even if he’s not your bio dad, the dads in your life, be they step or adopted, helped shape who you are. 

However, there’s a sexier side to Fathers’ Day than just celebrating your own dad. Of course, we’re talking about DILFs: sexy dads we absolutely go nuts for. Whether they’re extremely sculpted or have that classic dad bod, these dads in 2021 are just . . . mmmm! Delicious! That said, these dads are still dads, raising their kids to be bright, capable people. 

So after you’re done barbecuing with the dads in your life, listening to them regale you with their favorite dad jokes & advice, sit back, relax, and celebrate some of our favorite DILFs this year! 

Chris Pratt

Guardians of the Galaxy & Parks and Recreation heartthrob Chris Pratt has two adorable kids: Jack and Lyla. Jack is nine, and he shares custody with his ex-wife Anna Faris. Faris & Pratt released a statement about putting Jack’s needs first during their split in 2017: “Our son has two parents who love him very much and for his sake, we want to keep this situation as private as possible moving forward”. 

Lyla is Chris Pratt’s daughter from his marriage to Katharine Schwarzenegger, daughter of famous dad Arnold. Lyla will turn two in August. 

John Krasinski

Jim Halpert from The Office is also a dad IRL. He’s currently married to his A Quiet Place costar Emily Blunt, and they have two adorable kids: Hazel & Violet. 

While hosting Saturday Night Live in 2021, Krasinski had the initials H + V on his short. Why? His stylist revealed on Instagram that Krasinski “wanted to have his daughters’ initials monogrammed on his shirt”. Awww! 

Unfortunately, his kids weren’t old enough to understand then, so Krasinski had to explain that his hosting spot on SNL was like if they went on their favorite show, Paw Patrol. Krasinski told the audience on SNL: “And they were like, ‘What? You’re on Paw Patrol?’ And I was like, ‘No, no, no, no.’ And they were like, ‘Call us when you’re on Paw Patrol.’”

Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has three kids with his wife, Blake Lively: James, Inez, and Betty. His youngest daughter even got her own Taylor Swift song! Swift included both James & Inez’s names in the same song on her album Folklore before Reynolds & Lively even announced Betty’s name to the world. 

However, it’s not all sunshine & rainbows in the Reynolds household, as Betty developed an obsession that parents in 2021 know all too well: “Baby Shark”. Reynolds joked on social media that to quash her “do-do-do-do-do-do” obsession, he was going to show her Lively’s 2016 film The Shallows about a shark attack. Yikes

Idris Elba

British actor Idris Elba (The Wire, The Jungle Book – since it’s Fathers’ Day, we’ll forget Cats happened) has two kids: Isan, who’s turning nineteen this year, and seven-year-old Winston. Isan was named the 2019 Golden Globes Ambassador and focused her role on normalizing mental health discussions among Black teens. 

On being a dad, Idris Elba told Cosmopolitan in 2015: “I love being a dad, it’s an important part of my life. . . . as much as it’s nice to be busy and working, ultimately children don’t raise themselves. You’ve got to be there to help them and guide them through it. That’s one thing I try my very best to do.” 

Neil Patrick Harris & David Burkta

Gideon & Harper are Hollywood & Broadway star Neil Patrick Harris’s kids with his husband David Burkta. On The Wendy Williams Show, Burkta explained Gideon & Harper were conceived with “two different women involved. There was an egg donor, a wonderful woman who was anonymous. We took two of our best guys and implanted them into her eggs, two different eggs”. 

While Harris & Burkta aren’t sure which kid came from which of “their guys”, they have guesses based on their kids’ personalities and further praised their kids for having “incredible palates” – they’ll even eat oysters! 

Their kids also have some screen cred, as they made a cameo appearance in A Series of Unfortunate Events starring their dad, Neil. 

Who are the DILFs you’re celebrating this Fathers’ Day? Let us know in the comments! 

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