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This years Oscar nominations were the most diverse & inclusive it has ever been, and that's something worth celebrating. Check out all the "firsts" here.

Is the Netflix hit TV show 'The Queen's Gambit' making a transition to Broadway soon? Read about the plans to turn the chess show into a musical here.

The 78th Golden Globe Awards, which was postponed for about two months will take place today. Here's the live stream from Reddit now.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) is gearing up for its biggest night of the year. Find out how to watch the Golden Globes live stream.

Are you searching for cheap and easy ways to stream the Golden Globes? Check out the best ways to live stream this annual awards show.

The 78th Golden Globes Awards will take place virtually this year. Watch the Reddit live stream and more here.

Want to watch the Golden Globe Awards but don't have cable? Don't miss a moment from the red carpet on! Live stream here and now!

The 2021 78th annual Golden Globe Awards are taking place tonight. Take a look at some free and easy ways to live stream this awards show.

Looking for a place to watch the Golden Globes but don't have cable? We got you covered with the best places to live stream from anywhere in the