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Do you think Chris Pratt would have as much money with Guardians of the Galaxy? Here's what the numbers say.

Looking forward to movies with Chris Pratt? 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3' is coming, so mark your calendars and follow us on the latest news!

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Amy Poehler & Emily Spivey from 'Parks and Recreation' have impressive careers. Will we ever see our beloved cast in a reunion?

What's bringing the Amazon sci-fi movie 'The Tomorrow War' down? Could it be its own star, Chris Pratt? See if "Star-Lord" can carry another sci-fi film.

Happy Fathers' Day! Just because 2021's day for dads is almost over doesn't mean we're stopping the celebration! Look at hot celebrity dads with us!

How many non-MCU Tom Holland movies have you seen? Celebrate the current Peter Parker's birthday by checking out other characters he's played!