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Ed Sheeran’s new album was just announced and some people are singing “I don’t care. . . ”. Stop singing along and dive into these funny reactions! 

I Don’t Care: Should you be excited about Ed Sheeran’s new album?

Ed Sheeran’s new album was just announced and some people are singing “I don’t care. . . ” Ed Sheeran’s new album = comes after the success of his single “Bad Habits”, which was released in June, becoming one of the biggest hits of the summer. His new album is set to drop on October 29th, 2021 with fourteen new tracks for fans to enjoy. 

Despite the news of a new Ed Sheeran album, some are simply singing “I don’t care. . .” while others are happily celebrating the news. This has caused a bit of a debate within the fanbase and within social media at large, slowly sparking yet another thread war. 

Naturally, Twitter is the epicenter of this division of fans and those singing “I don’t care. . .” about the announcement. We sang our way through the threads to find the best reactions on both sides. Stop singing “I don’t care. . .” as we dive into these funny and spirited reactions! 


Save that excitement for the release, dude!

Here’s a cat 

Not what we expected, but thanks anyway

Out of options 

*Insert math joke here* 


You know it’s good when you’re grooving like Charlie Brown! 

Still excited 

Gotta love seeing new fans emerge! 


I’m the Trash Man . . . . ! 

Fred Sheeran

That’s as funny as Bill Epstein, we won’t lie! 

No one cares


Not you 

The return of a classic meme man


Aka half of Twitter’s reaction in a nutshell. 

Are you excited for Ed Sheeran’s new album or are you still singing “I don’t care. . .”? Let us know in the comments! 

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