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Gordon Ramsay is famous for his cooking as well as his flaming hot roasts. Check out his most hilarious moments before he turns you into an idiot sandwich!

Are you an idiot sandwich? Laugh at Gordon Ramsay’s funniest moments

No matter which one of his many, many shows he’s on, Gordon Ramsey is able to make us laugh while making others feel like an idiot sandwich. From flipping restaurants to critiquing dishes, Gordon Ramsey always has something to say that’ll have us in stitches. 

Now that he’s invaded TikTok and other social media platforms, the roasts only get better and the memes become fresher! Gordon Ramsey definitely isn’t an idiot sandwich when it comes to marketing or cooking, that’s for sure! 

Of course, we sampled our way through the threads to find the best moments from Twitter of Gordon Ramsey reducing others into an idiot sandwich. Grab your aprons and dive into the best moments from Chef Gordon Ramsey 


For some reason he has to point it out to people, every time. 

Never forget 

Ah yes, Amy’s Baking Company, the most iconic set of idiot sandwiches for Gordon Ramsay . . . . 

What are you?! 

Considering how many Michelin stars he has, he may be justified . . . . 

He actually said this

We love subtitles because they always give us gems like this

Dog’s dinner

If you can’t stand the heat . . . . 


He is truly a master of wit. 


Someone has to be in the face of the Kens and Karens

The best 

The spit take at the end is what got us! 


He didn’t even need to turn around! 

He’s back! 

Nice to see he has a sense of humor

What is your favorite Gordon Ramsay moment of dealing with idiot sandwiches? Drop them below in the comments before we get shut down!

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