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Even if you’re not a culinary freak, Gordon Ramsay’s name is hard to miss. Let’s look at his roles leading up to one of his latest shows, 'Next Level Chef.'

How many shows does Gordon Ramsay have? Explore his filmography

Even if you’re not a culinary freak, Gordon Ramsay’s name is hard to miss. After Jamie Oliver, he’s reportedly the second richest chef in the world. Apart from his relentless chase for three-Michelin-star-perfection, he’s also set some world records. In June 2017, he set a Guinness World Record for the fastest time to fillet a 10 lb fish, at one minute and five seconds. 

Later that year, he set another Guiness record for the longest pasta sheet rolled in 60 seconds, measuring 1.45 metres. It’s also impossible to escape the many memes that Ramsay has inspired. With multiple TV shows to his credit, he’s known for his fiery temper, his brutal honesty, and his critical feedback skills. 

Along with his chain of restaurants, he has a string of media properties in the form of competitive cooking or hospitality shows. Ramsay has built himself a mini TV empire. Did you know that this self-made Scottish chef has another show coming up? Let’s look at his filmography leading up to the latest show, Next Level Chef.

Hell’s Kitchen

Now in its 20th season, Hell’s Kitchen is the perfect combination of creativity & drama any cooking show can have. Eighteen chefs are split into groups & challenged by Gordon Ramsay on different culinary experiments. It feels a lot like a culinary academy, but with a lot more pressure to perform well. 

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

If you thought Ramsay is very blunt & critical normally, imagine him visiting restaurant establishments on the verge of shutting down. They’re clearly not doing well…and Ramsay’s word could very well spell the end of it. In Kitchen Nightmares, Ramsay offers solutions to bring them back from the dead. 

Gordon, Gino And Fred’s Great Christmas Roast

The three chefs collaborate often — previously they’ve worked together on the Road Trip version — and this time they bring on famous faces to help them serve the members of the public & emergency services. 

Gordon Ramsay On Cocaine

A departure from the usual Ramsay offerings, in Gordon Ramsay On Cocaine, he explores the drug trade. Cocaine is allegedly fairly common in the restaurant business & Ramsay lost his friend chef David Dempsey to it. And, his quest into the Columbian jungles comes from this curiosity, “Any professional chef worth his salt goes to the source. So I want to know what goes into this drug.”

Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted

Ramsay embarks on the softer side of culinary exploration: one that combines culture & travel with cuisines. Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted is his expedition through the flavors of the world. 

24 Hours to Hell and Back

Another one where Ramsay tries to help struggling restaurants on the verge of closure. This time, he’s accompanied by celebrities like Chris Kirkpatrick, Christina Wilson, among others. Ramsay seems to love this format, challenging himself with the task of turning around failing establishments.

Masterchef & Masterchef Junior

Who hasn’t heard of these two? As judges put America’s best home cooks — or junior home cooks — through a series of challenges & toughelimnations, we find the one culinary master who will emerge as the winner. Ramsay has been widely known to be kinder to the kids than adults. If you know, you know. 

Next Level Chef

Adding to his mini-empire of Fox series, Ramsay is now bringing a competitive series called Next Level Chef in the 2021-22. The name tells a lot about the format of the show: the competition will see home cooks, restaurant line cooks, social media foodies, food truck owners (any aspiring chef, basically!) in a multi-level culinary arena where each floor will have a specifically designed & stocked kitchen. Sounds innovative.

Ramsay was quoted as saying, “This is the next evolution in cooking competitions. It’s big and it’s bold, and I can’t wait for people to see it.” We share Ramsay’s excitement about this new addition as chefs Nyesha Arrington & Gino D’Acampo judge & mentor the participants. 

Rob Wade, president alternative entertainment and specials at Fox, shares in the excitement, “Next Level Chef is a unique format that could only come from the delightfully brilliant culinary mind of Gordon Ramsay. We couldn’t be happier to bring Gordon, Nyesha, and Gino competing together on what is a new and innovative way into a cooking competition series.”

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