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Make way for 'Drag Race Holland' – the new drag race series set in the Netherlands. Here are all of the Dutch drag queens we'll see competing for the crown.

Get to know the queens of the Netherlands on ‘Drag Race Holland’

Drag races have greeted us from Canada, the UK, South America, & Thailand – but where are we looking next? Make way for Drag Race Holland, featuring ten new drag queens competing for the title of Netherlands’ First Drag Race Superstar (crown included, of course.)

The winner of Drag Race Holland will also be blessed with a cover shoot in the Dutch magazine Cosmopolitan Nederland and a couture dress designed by Dutch hotshot Claes Iverson. If that isn’t enough incentive, the queens will be competing for glory next to host Fred van Leer – a Dutch TV presenter & stylist. 

Fred van Leer shared his sassy enthusiasm:

“It’s all about charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent and I can’t wait to see all the fantastic creations of the queens on the runway, the lip syncs and all the challenges we created. A first message to our queens: You’d better work bitch! Good luck and don’t fuck it up!”

Drag Race Holland isn’t likely to disappoint – the fabulous contestants are already dazzling us on the runway. Here’s an inside look at all of the Dutch drag queens we can expect to appear on Drag Race Holland. 

Miss Abby OMG

Miss Abby (Henrique) is originally from Brazil, but first became involved in the Dutch drag community after moving to the Netherlands. Using the glamorous Miss Abby OMG persona as a creative outlet, Henrique quickly became a rising star. She’s highly coveted as an entertainer in the Netherlands and has performed next to America’s most popular drag stars. 

Miss Abbey OMG has a unique personality – sweet, strong, & stunning. Her sexy & energetic performances will supposedly leave you exclaiming ‘OMG!’  We can’t wait to see her strutting down the runway. 

Chelsea Boy

ChelseaBoy (aka Brian) takes gender identity to a new level – exploring unconventional lewks that are imbued with futuristic & otherworldly influences. ChelseaBoy also likes to give lively performances set to sentimental 80s music. 

To design her outfits, ChelseaBoy likes to implement peculiar materials such as bald caps, prostheses, & head sculptures. Her cool wigs & stellar garb only spice up her unique presence on stage. In Brian’s eyes, ChelseaBoy is his own special “gender hybrid transformer.” 

Envy Peru

Immigrating from Peru to the Netherlands at that age of four, Envy Peru (Boris) has built a stunning presence as an up-and-coming drag queen. Boris is the most followed drag queen on social media in the Benelux. Envy was a founder of the Mermaids Mansion along with Miss Abbey OMG. 

Janey Jacké

Janey Jacké (aka Justin) has been performing as a drag queen for over a decade. He’s become a total “Pop Princess” – pursuing his talent as a Dutch idol. Janey has hit the stage in the US & Greece and has also been on Dutch television. 

Full of sweet & spicy energy, Janey will be a fiery competitor with killer looks. She’s also a talented dancer who will keep on bringing her best. 

Madame Madness

Looking for a bearded lady? Madame Madness (aka Rowan) proudly sports her bearded lewk – the first ever bearded queen in Drag Race worldwide. Blurring the line between masculinity & femininity, Madame Madness seeks to inspire people to be different. While her aura is rather tight & regal, Madness is sweet, wise, & open-minded.

Ma’Ma Queen

Ma’MaQueen (Dennis) is a queen vying for gender deconstruction. Ma’MaQueen identifies as non-binary and expresses a fascination with the development of gender contruction. They’re a “conceptual look queen” – meaning that you’ll be surprised by her every design. Ma’MaQueen is on a mission to promote inclusivity. 

Megan Schoonbrood

A true show diva, Megan Schoonbrood (aka Michael) has been rocking it as a drag queen for over half his life. With popular, extravagant lewks, Megan owns it up on a stage. She has twenty-three no.1 pageant titles and has received the Dusty Tiara for dedication to the LGBTI community. With a sympathetic, clever, & classy style, Megan is ready for the challenge. 

Patty Pam-Pam

Patty Pam-Pam (aka Pieter) reigns as the “Queen of the South” since she grew up in the south of the Netherlands. Patty brings it all as a talented singer & dancer with a whole show ballet. Patty is a drag artist, dressing herself and many other DragQueens around the world in her home-made couture. She’ll definitely find a way to surprise us. 


Definitely standing out in the bunch of queens, Roem has attained fame solely online. Roem’s YouTube channel is a haven for people searching for their identity. She sees drag as something beyond showmanship on a stage. Spearheading a new way to be yourself, Roem will be a breath of fresh air in this competition. 


Last but not least, Sederginne will be the only Flemish queen to make an appearance in Drag Race Holland. With a hilarious presence, Sederginne owns the identity of an older woman (despite being a young man in reality.) Sederginne has shown her stuff in solo shows, clubs, & theater. She’s ready to have some fun and steal our hearts. 

Who are you excited to see in Drag Race Holland

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