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Most Exciting Things To Do In the Netherlands

The Netherlands begins with the art treasures of Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum fosters a wonderful nightlife and encompasses some of the UNESCO heritage sites. It ends with the best flavors of cheese and wine, along with boating and of course, flowers.

The Netherlands’ top tourist attractions such as Leiden Canals, West Frisian Islands, Delft City Hall, Keukenhof Gardens, Dom Tower, and more would make your trip an enlightening one.

However, to deepen the rejuvenation you receive, you can indulge in various activities.

The Netherlands is a popular tourist destination and has a lot to explore.  However, you need to timely apply for your Netherlands Visa from India and move ahead for a happening journey.

Best Experiences in the Netherlands

  • Efteling Ausement Park

Efteling is the biggest amusement park located in Kaatsheuvel. It is divided into different zones, with numerous thrill levels. Some of the top attractions of this place are rides like Joris en de Draak, George, Dragon, and The Flying Dutchman. 

This fantasy museum is liked by children, teenagers, and even adults. So, be ready to dive into this fancy wonderland!

Note- It is open from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM on all days

  • Skydiving  in Texel

It is the largest island in the Wadden Sea. Texel is the best place for rendering refreshing vibes and seeking some great adventure! 

The environment around is fresh and thus adds more to the riding experience. At the same time, there are various parachuting learning courses you can indulge in!

Note- It is located in Postweg 128, 1795 JS De Cocksdorp, Netherlands

  • Maastricht

Maastricht is another happening place to visit in the Netherlands. This place is for all those who love to shop. 

Perhaps, the place is known as the fashion city for all the fashion and luxury vibes it radiates. No matter what your mood is, you will love it here!

  • Van Gogh Museum

When you are in the Netherlands, you should not miss the artwork of one of the best art museums. 

Even if you are into art or not into it completely, this place would surely offer a worthwhile visiting experience. There are around 200 paintings, 500 drawings, and more masterpieces to mesmerize you fully!

Note- It is open on all days from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

  • Relish Dutch Cuisine

After all is said and then, it is time to have a taste of Dutch cuisine. Be it Stroopwafel, Kaas, or licorice, you cannot miss it when you are in the Netherlands. The dessert menu has some of the best sweet tooth options for you. 

Besides this, the cheese and other dishes have a taste of one of a kind. Therefore, you can visit both restaurants and street-side food in the alley. Kibbeling, Kroket, and Patat are some other food options to try.

Note- The best cheese type is Gouda cheese

  • Dutch Village

The bliss of a village environment is different and fulfilling. This is because we have all been running into everyday life a lot. 

This Dutch village of Giethoorn is highly famous. It is known for its photogenic sceneries and car-free rides. You can also have a look at the canals and the beautiful flowers. Lastly, you can go for a boat ride in freshwater. 

Note- You can hire a bicycle and ride here

  • Amsterdam Schiphol 

Amsterdam is home to the first museum to open inside an airport. Amsterdam Schiphol comprises a cute little museum in collaboration with the Rijksmuseum. 

In case you miss visiting the Rijksmuseum, then this museum is your best chance to go. The best part is that it is open 24*7 and also exhibits features of rotating exhibitions. 

  • Aalsmeer

RoyalFlora Holland in Aalsmeer exhibits the world’s largest flower auction. The pleasing and nurturing aura of the auction would surely make your day. 

The incredible fields of flowers would offer you a positively overwhelming experience. It is an amazing place to be at when you want to take a break and breathe to the fullest!

  • Wildlife Exploration in Hoge Veluwe National Park

Another wonderful thing to do in the Netherlands is to visit Hoge Veluwe National Park.

Hoge Veluwe National Park is one of the most exciting and pleasing places to be in Holland. 

This is because it has the best features such as sand dunes, health lands, a sculpture park, and other landscapes. Red deer, wild boars, mouflons, and roe deer are some animals you can find here, 

Note- Open on all the days from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

  • Anne Frank House

“Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart”, was said by Anne Frank. The tales of Anne Frank’s time are not unknown. 

The popular Anne Frank House features all about her life.  It gives the latest information on everything related to Anne Frank. The building is located on a canal called the Prinsengracht in Central Amsterdam.

Note-  There is a cruise tour of Anne Frank House, starting with INR 1400.

End Note

Indians flock to the Netherlands for a wide number of reasons. The uniqueness of the Netherlands is non comparable, with so many places to visit and so many activities to do.  

At the same time, the calm and serene atmosphere just adds up to it. Moreover, the visa obtaining process for the country is simple and quick. So, one can easily plan a trip to this beautiful country.

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