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Amsterdam has become a home to numerous celebrities. Discover all the famous people who moved to Amsterdam and the luxurious homes they own.

Check out these famous celebs that own a home in Amsterdam

The Netherlands is an extremely developed country with one of the highest standards of living and a rich history. It is a home of many world know celebrities and many other stars that moved here from other parts of the planet. The local community of famous people welcomes all foreign celebs who decide to move here. These people’s faces may be found everywhere, on television screens and on the covers of various publications. All of them are quite stunning and talented. For these reasons, they achieved celebrity status, as you know by yourself. This is a pretty interesting topic as many other famous people who think about moving to Amsterdam would be surprised to know that many others already decided to move here.

1. Justin Bieber, Canadian Popstar

Justin Bieber is one of the many stars that decided to buy an apartment in the Amsterdam. After spending quite a few vacations in the city, where he was spotted walking around with a mustache on his face or with other disguises. He bought one of the best penthouses with a breathtaking view of the city, and he paid dearly for that. Apparently, it took him more than twenty-two million dollars for this property. Many people are baffled as to why Justin needs such a large space with a big kitchen, two chefs, and three separate bedrooms. The penthouse is really breathtaking! It is an ideal place for creative people as the views and environment are the best for creating a movie or a music video.

Bieber has never been spotted at a crazy party or a chaotic casino in this city. This tells us that his creativity needs a significant amount of investing and much time being alone in a comfortable place.

2. Dave Clarke, British Techno DJ

Dave Clark is widely regarded as the de facto father of the British techno movement. It is difficult to think about a more renowned figure in the world of techno music than him. For many decades, he was able to release famous works that were on par with competition and went along with the trends. Often these trends were started solely by him. Today, Dave has done a great deal and spends more time doing what he likes rather than chasing fame and money. He likes driving fast automobiles and smoking Cuban cigars.

For these reasons, Dave began to spend more time in Amsterdam, instead of his initial place in England. He can often be spotted at coffee shops with pals from the United Kingdom. Since attending his first Dutch party, he got a strong desire to relocate to the city of Amsterdam completely, which he eventually did. From his words, it is a city that is both laid back and highly bohemian.

3. Dusan Tadic, Serbian pro football player

Dusan Tadic is regarded as one of the best strikers of our generation. The Serb has excellent field vision, being able to execute all his moves with precision and excellence. Still, being a Serb he enjoys living in the Amsterdam. From his words, it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, being the best for living with his family and for raising kids. He believes that Ajax will be his final club, and that is exactly what he wants to do until the end of his career.

4. Andre Hazes Jr, Dutch Singer

For many people, Andre Hazes was their favorite singer and actor, and not everyone knew that he was born in the Netherlands. His twenty-five-year-old Andre Hazes Jr is trying to move to the same course, and he is doing very well, as his father’s surname and singing abilities were passed down to him. He reached the top ratings and charts with the song called “Leef” shortly after its release in 2015. You can often see him in various reality television series, broadcasts, and commercial campaigns. He is a great successor of his father and will most certainly increase the family’s legacy even more.

5. Ricardo Verhoeven, Dutch heavyweight Kickboxer

Probably unexpected on this list, but Ricardo Verhoeven quickly makes his country known. He began his kickboxing career in 2004 and, to this day, remain a very competitive top of the league professional heavyweight fighter. With multiple victories under his belt, he is on the track to take as many belts as he can.

6. Marco Borsato, Dutch Singer

Marco Borsato is a 55-year-old vocalist who sings in both Italian and Dutch languages. Interestingly, for his significant contribution to the musical industry, he made a lot of money, being in the rating of one of the 100 wealthiest residents of the Netherlands, according to Forbes magazine. He has a brilliant career, being renowned around the world, bringing him a lot of revenues from song sales and concerts. As a result of his services to the music industry that made the country known and loved around the whole world, he has been conferred with The Order of the Netherlands Kingdom.

7. Badr Hari, Dutch heavyweight Kickboxer

Badr Hari is a professional kickboxer from the Netherlands who is of Moroccan descent. The same as Ricardo Verhoeven, he competes in the heavyweight class. Being a very talented professional fighter, he had been twice in the finals of the K-1 tournament. Other than that, he competed in many well-known kickboxing championships. The amount of world class fighters from many martial arts fields makes Amsterdam one of the most popular places to move to when picking a place for training for the next fights. 

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