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Kickboxing champion Tristan Tate’s inspiring business journey is chronicled in the book “From the Ring to the Boardroom”

Tristan Tate is well known for commentating fights for BoxNation and various Eurosport broadcast programs. He is best known for being a two-time kickboxing champion in the International Sport Karate Association during his kickboxing career. Tristan Tate has also participated in competitions like Romanian Extreme Fighting and SuperCombat. Former cruiserweight kickboxer Andrew Tate is Tristan’s older sibling. Both have achieved extraordinary success in their professions.

Tristan Tate stats

Tristan was born into a very unusual kind of household and grew up in Luton. Tristan’s brother was a world-champion kickboxer; his father was a master chess player, and he, too, is a champion kickboxer. Tristan shot to prominence after appearing on the reality TV series Shipwrecked. He stopped competing in kickboxing, and he and Andrew relocated to Romania to establish and concentrate on their vast business enterprise.

The Tate siblings now spend much time partying and traveling in fast cars, and Tristan frequently documents his opulent lifestyle on social media. He also records himself drinking too much booze while downing spirits. Tristan, however, didn’t always lead a lavish lifestyle; in reality, he was raised on a Luton council estate. He received his kickboxing instruction at Storm Gym from Coach Amir Subasic in this area. He had a successful kickboxing career and was twice crowned the ISKA champion. 

What is the kickboxing record of Tristan Tate?

Andrew Tate’s brother, Tristan Tate, was also a kickboxer but wasn’t as good as his brother. With a lifetime record of 43 victories and nine defeats, Tristan has won two European Kickboxing Championships. Tristan was one of Andrew Tate’s main sparring opponents and actively participated in the growth of his fighting career. He was probably a key player in Andrew Tate’s warring factions.

The 34-year-old assisted his sibling Andrew in compiling a 76-win, 9-loss kickboxing record. Andrew Tate became a skilled fighter, earning 23 victories through knockout and four ISKA Kickboxing World Championships.

Tristan participated in the light truck division, coming in at 6 feet, 3 inches tall, and 230 pounds. During his competition, he was one of the most prominent and dangerous kickboxers in the entire globe. In the end, both Tate siblings abruptly ended their kickboxing careers. Tristan has freely discussed why he ended his career, even though it is known that Andrew had eye injuries.

The business of Tristan & Andrew Tate

When Tristian retired from fighting, he co-founded a successful webcam company with Andrew Tate. The basic idea was that men would log in and call women for $4 per minute while chatting with them online. Tristan once said in an interview that the webcam industry is “all one big scam.” He added that “nobody cares” and “it’s their problem, not mine” made him feel no remorse. 

Most of Tristan Tate’s income comes from OnlyFans and his management business. Additionally, he is said to have a cryptocurrency portfolio valued at millions of dollars. His brother, Andrew Tate, claimed the management firm earns about $200,000 monthly from a YMH podcast. This indicates that the company is valued at about $10 million. (50x monthly revenue)

Tristan has established himself outside the world of sports, and he and his brother Andrew Tate recently rose to fame as infamous online celebrities.


The two-time kickboxing champion has done a commendable job transitioning from the arena to the boardroom. Tate has discipline and a work ethic because of his expertise and championship titles. His journey serves as a reminder that success can be attained in various disciplines with tenacity, diligence, and a focused goal in mind.

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