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The votes are being tallied as we speak! Take a look back at this year's Eurovision Song Contest and see who the standouts were this year.

Eurovision song contest: What did we expect from the glamorous final?

After a hiatus last year thanks to COVID, the heartwarming, weird, and wonderful Eurovision Song Contest is back and going out with a bang. Tonight is its final night, and we finally get to see who’s voted as the winner this year. 

In years past, the Eurovision Song Contest has launched international careers. “Waterloo” by Swedish juggernaut ABBA won in 1974, launching the disco quartet to worldwide stardom. More eccentric winners like the Finnish metal band Lordi even launched to renown with their hit “Hard Rock Hallelujah”. Even if it’s not a song, Eurovision can still launch trends – remember Riverdance? 

So as the winners are being announced across the sea, let’s take a look back at this year’s Eurovision song contest as the winners are being chosen. 

Much-needed programming

2020 has been a hard year for the world – understatement of the century – as COVID-19 killed millions and made millions ill. The pandemic also led to canceled concerts, sporting events, and kept people in their homes. After on & off strict lockdowns, Europe really, really needed some programming heralding a return to normal. 

And from the sounds of it, the crowd at Eurovision Song Contest is ready to party. Erica Gray, a Eurovision audience member, told The Guardian: “What the Dutch really do well is vocal and physical appreciation of live performances. Loads of clapping, whooping and standing ovations. The staging, lighting and production are incredible. The crew are working their @rses off.” 

Gray further broke down how each country fared on their final nights on stage: “Lithuania went down better live than I expected. Everyone loves Iceland. France is getting a lot of love. San Marino went a bit flat in the arena. Sweden has a good backstory that might bring in the votes. Plus of course the geopolitical voting tendencies. Ukraine really got the Dutch crowd going but I’m not sure about the audience vote.” 

Quirky performers

This year, Iceland seems to be a Eurovision Song Contest darling. Daði og Gagnamagnið is the Nordic country’s act this year, and their happy electronic beats are infectious. Plus, their matching green uniforms, with their pixelated self-portraits on them are so quirky and brilliant, we expect them to be a 2021 fashion staple! Even better – they brought out a circular keytar for some extra fun! 

Also in (very, very yellow) matching outfits is Lithuania’s The Roop performing “Discoteque”. They appeared on stage at the Eurovision Song Contest finals wearing their signature bright matching outfits and roller skates. 

And of course, who can forget Norway? Tix’s getup for his song “Fallen Angel” is Eurovision Song Contest quirkiness personified! Twitter’s also on fire regarding his ironic key change. 

Of course, there’s more serious fare. Barbara Pravi’s hauntingly beautiful “Voila” is captivating audiences this year, making her a contender against the sillier fare. Pravi sings “Voila” in her signature, traditional French chanson style, and as YouTube commenters are pointing out, the only thing that would make this song more French is the Eiffel Tower! 

Pravi is a twenty-eight-year-old singer/songwriter who’s no stranger to Eurovision. She wrote “J’Imagine”  for eleven-year-old Valentina in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest last year, which took home the grand prize. She has also written songs for world-renowned artists Jaden Smith, Yannick Noah, and Florent Pagny. 

American guest

Finally, San Marino has taken the stage with a special guest from across the ocean. Sehnit is performing “Adrenalina” with American hip-hop star Flo Rida, and the audience went nuts. The Guardian is now predicting the electrifying performance might tip the scales in San Marino’s favor, although there are a few heavy contenders in the running, too. 

Italian alt-rock act Måneskin deserves a mention, especially with his upbeat song “Zitti E Buoni”. Even if they don’t win, The Guardian is predicting they’ll be in the top five. 

The countdown is here, and soon, the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 winner will be announced. Who did you want to win? Let us know in the comments! 

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