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Eurovision will be back and better than ever, and all the talented singers have had more than enough time to prepare. Peek at this year's contestants.

Eurovision is back in full force: Take a peek at this year’s singers

Thanks to the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic that swept the entire world last year, the highly anticipated annual Eurovision event was cancelled. However, this year, Eurovision will be back and better than ever, and all the talented singers have had more than enough time to prepare themselves for the special event. Want to know which musicians to expect? Let’s take a peek at some of them here. 

Eurovision 2021

First and foremost, let’s talk details such as what Eurovision is, when the dates are, and what the singers will be doing. If you’re not familiar with what’s going on, Eurovision is a song contest that is hosted by the European Broadcasting Union every year (except for last one) and features singers representing countries from all over the world. It’s an event that brings together all types of people from different countries. 

In the last competition back in 2019 held in Tel Aviv, Duncan Laurence from the Netherlands won with his song “Arcade”, giving the Netherlands their fifth Eurovision victory. As of this year, singers will gather in the Dutch city of Rotterdam in Ahoy Arena for Eurovision 2021, and Dutch stars Chantal Janzen, Jan Smit, Edsilia Rombley, and NikkieTutorials will be hosting. 

The final contest is scheduled for May 22nd, 2021, with the first semi-final taking place on May 18th and the second semi-final taking place on May 20th. This year, thirty-nine singers/groups are expected to perform at Eurovision. Which lucky one will be taking home the grand prize though? Well, let’s take a look at them and try to make some early predictions. 

So much representation 

Thirty-nine groups/singers from all over the world, and all thirty-nine songs have been released as well. Well, since we’re supposed to introduce them, are you ready for us to write off the very long list of names and countries? Alright, here we go. The Eurovision 2021 singers consist of Anxhela Peristeri from Albania with “Karma”, Montaigne from Australia with “Technicolour”, and Vincent Bueno from Austria with “Amen”. 

We also have Efendi from Azerbaijan with “Mata Hari”, Hooverphonic from Belgium with “The Wrong Place”, VICTORIA from Bulgaria with “Growing Up is Getting Old”, Albina from Croatia with “Tick-Tock”, Elena Tsagrinou from Cyprus with “El Diablo”, Benny Cristo from the Czech Republic with “Omaga”, Fry Og Flamme from Denmark with “Øve os på hinanden”, and Uku Suviste from Estonia with “The Lucky One”. 

Then, there’s Blind Channel from Finland with “Dark Side”, Barbara Pravi from France with “Voilà”, Tornike Kipiani from Georgia with “You”, Jendrik from Germany with “I Don’t Feel Hate”, Stefania from Greece with “I Don’t Feel Hate”, Daði og Gagnamagnið from Iceland with “10 Years”, Lesley Roy from Ireland with “Maps”, Eden Alene from Israel with “Set Me Free”, and Måneskin from Italy with “Zitti e buoni”.

There is also Samanta Tīna from Latvia with “The Moon is Rising”. THE ROOP from Lithuania with “Discoteque”, Destiny from Malta with “Je Me Casse”, Natalia Gordienko from Moldova with “Sugar”, Jeangu Macrooy from The Netherlands with “Birth of a New Age”, Vasil from North Macedonia with “Here I Stand”, TIX from Norway with “Fallen Angel”, and Rafał from Poland with “The Ride”. 

Hold on, ‘cuz there’s still more. We have The Black Mamba from Portugal with “Love Is On My Side”, Roxen from Romania with “Amnesia”, Manizha from Russia with “Russian Woman”, Senhit from San Marino with “Adrenalina”, Hurricane from Serbia with “Loco Loco”, Ana Soklič from Slovenia with “Amen”, Blas Cantó from Spain with “Voy a quedarme”, and Tusse from Sweden with “Voices”. 

Finally, there’s Gjon’s Tears from Switzerland with “Tout l’univers”, Go_A from Ukraine with “SHUM”, James Newman from the UK with “Embers”. Aaaand, we’re done. Who are you rooting for? Who do you predict will win this year? Let us know in the comments. 

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