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A recent study has managed to pinpoint the safest countries to live in, work in and visit. Here's everything you need to know.

After two years of waiting, the Eurovision Song Contest has come and gone. Dive into why Italy was crowned this year's winner, and why the UK got zilch.

The votes are being tallied as we speak! Take a look back at this year's Eurovision Song Contest and see who the standouts were this year.

Another COVID-19 strain has been discovered by researchers at two facilities in California. Why is this strain more dangerous?

Ever journeyed to a foreign five-class restaurant? Well after lockdown you can! Check out the Michelin star restaurants waiting for your arrival.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson of England assures trade partners the new COVID strain will not affect food shipments. Here's what we know.

Could an adorable animal known as a mink actually be an undead zombie? Are you gasping? Let us explain.

“International, Inclusive, Impactful” is HF Productions's mission statement, and they aim to keep that mission at the core of everything they do.