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“International, Inclusive, Impactful” is HF Productions's mission statement, and they aim to keep that mission at the core of everything they do.

Here’s why HF Productions is changing indie film in the Arctic

HF Productions have been staking their claim in the movie industry since they were founded in Copenhagen in 2017. “International, Inclusive, Impactful” is their mission statement, and they aim to keep that mission at the core of everything they do. 

HF CEO Henrik Friis says HF Productions strives to give filmmakers opportunities and exceptional experiences with special events, film festivals, screening and a full range of end-to-end services.

HF Productions has built a global event series of film festivals that are completely run in-house to help indie filmmakers find an international audience through their round-tables, promotion & distribution services. 

Head of Production Benn Wiebe mentions that “we aren’t out to just create traditional events. We create festivals which are fully immersive, collaborative, hands-on, and are built to challenge filmmakers and audiences alike to engage in deeper conversations about the narratives they’re seeing. The goal is for that engagement to go beyond viewership.” 

HF Productions’s partnership with the United Nations and their SDG Development Platform speaks to this goal, where Friis and Wiebe are on record speaking about their mission at the UN as part of the SDGs in Action Film Festival.

At a HF Productions event you can find everyone, “from the very experienced and esteemed, to the young and emerging. We work to champion people’s stories and find ways to increase their impact”, Wiebe says.

Oslo Independent Film Festival is one of HF Productions core events and submissions are now open for the 2020 event. OIFF aims to establish “a working network among filmmakers, producers and marketing professionals, to forge productive and lasting relationships between independent filmmakers and audiences.”

This international and independent film festival accepts submissions from all genres and walks of life and supports student filmmakers with affordable categories. Winners of the festival will receive award-certificates, goodie bags, and invitations for online distribution deals.

Arctic Film Festival is perhaps their most unique, and an event you’ll want to attend which is set in one of the most beautiful places in the world, the northern archipelago of Svalbard. 

To bring filmmakers to the frontier of our planet to engage in important narratives tackling global issues and see first hand what is happening on the edge of the world is a truly unique experience that is a rarely offered opportunity. Situated in Longyearbyen, the festival is a mere 650 miles from the North Pole.

The Arctic Film Festival will be welcoming adventurous filmmakers from all around the world while the sun still rises above the horizon. Submissions are now open for their 2020 event and they’re preparing a program which includes outdoor activities in the daylight, and quality international film screenings in the evenings.

HF Productions are working to build social impact through their global network of global festivals and content: In addition to the Oslo and Arctic Film Festivals they’ve recently been named founding partners of the Arts x SDGs Festival in New York, and they’re also consulting on a number of documentaries.

They have procured a fiscal sponsor partnership with c3: Center for Conscious Creativity which will encompass the entire global event series of film festivals. this means they’ll have the flexibility to expand their festivals and continue growing their teams. In addition to their current three offices they are looking to open a Los Angeles office in 2020 and continue growing their team in Jakarta, Indonesia.

If you’re an indie filmmaker or a film fan you’ll want to bookmark HF Productions.

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