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A recent study has managed to pinpoint the safest countries to live in, work in and visit. Here's everything you need to know.

The Happiest and Safest Countries in the World

A recent study has managed to pinpoint the safest countries to live in, work in and visit. Based on data from several websites including Numbeo and the Economist, the compiled information compared 29 cities from across the globe. Unsurprisingly, many of them also feature in lists of the happiest places to live on earth. Below, we discuss the top three countries based on safety and happiness. 

The Netherlands

The Netherlands topped the list of safe cities, with its capital Amsterdam being the fourth safest city. There have been numerous discussions on its laid-back policies to most things, but the results are in, and it is a very safe place to be. While laws are liberal in the country, they are enforced strictly. 

In terms of happiness, the Netherlands comes in fifth place globally. People living there and visitors to the country believe the Dutch to be the most generous nation in the world. Ready to give help and assistance, it has propelled them into a very enviable position.  


Denmark came second on the list, with its capital Copenhagen also being the second safest city. This can be put down to two main factors. Cities and towns are generally small, with high levels of employment. Secondly, from a geographical standpoint, Denmark is not prone to any sort of natural disaster. That means you will not get hit by hurricanes while holidaying there or be victim to any earthquakes. Even most of the wildlife is friendly. Combined with a solid political system, the country is as safe as it can get. 

This is endemic to a trend in Scandinavian countries, focused on making sure people are happy and safe. Even online safety is important in the country, with many websites and services adhering to strict guidelines to protect customers. Part of this may have been shaped by the iGaming industry, which has worked hard to build the infrastructure for this. For example, the online gambling industry in Denmark has some of the strictest rules to ensure data and privacy are of the utmost importance. When combined with many of the bonus offers provided by companies operating there, it has seen the industry take off exponentially. This also carries into many different industries and sectors. 


Third on the list for safety is Iceland, with Reykjavik being the safest capital in the world. It has held the title for 14 years in a row. This may partly be down to the fact that it is quite a small but affluent country. Once outside of the capital, most communities are quite small. It is also extremely happy, ranking fourth in world ratings. Citizens believe it has the best social support system. Many believe it is also a very generous nation, just like the Netherlands. 


Another bonus is that like Denmark, the country is very safe when it comes to geography. Despite its remote location, it has very few natural disasters. It is famous for its stunning, lunar-like countryside. Anyone planning a trip will surely experience nothing like it and knowing it is safe can provide much-needed peace of mind.

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