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Egypt is a beautiful location to visit. Discover what some of the best things to do in Egypt are as we head further into 2021.

Top 15 things to do in Egypt 2021

If you are thinking about having a different vacation, one that is full of adventure, fun, exploration, and enjoyment, then you definitely need to consider spending your vacation in Egypt, the land of beautiful landmarks, extraordinary impressive attractions, unbelievable miracles, and all of the other captivating things inside which make a visit to Egypt a totally worthy step towards spending a lifetime adventure.

There are so many local travel agencies in Egypt that operate Egypt tours and one of them that is highly recommended by film daily team and many trusted resources is “Egypt Tours Portal” travel agency that offers a wide variety of tours, packages, and Nile Cruises tours to give the chance to tourists to explore the magical secrets, mysteries, and facts about its glorious history and culture.

Visit the Historical Giza Pyramids

When it comes to planning a vacation in Egypt, a visit to Giza Pyramids is with no doubt a must since you will get the best chance to explore the greatest treasure that was left by the great ancient Egyptians. You will get amazed with the small details there and with the fascinating calculations that were measured by the ancients to be able to accomplish such a great work.

Explore Upper Egypt In A Nile River Cruise Between Luxor & Aswan

Among the most incredible & enjoyable activities that can be arranged in the land of Pharaohs is heading in an amazing Nile Cruise tour to explore the magnificent attractions that are located in Upper Egypt. Enjoying Nile River Cruise is one of the best things for the Americans as they will be able to visit the hypnotic temples and tombs in Luxor city just like Karnak, Hatshepsut, and Luxor Temples.

Have An Unforgettable History Lesson at the Egyptian Museum

The fascinating Egyptian Museum of Antiquities is located downtown the capital of Egypt, Cairo and the main target of its construction is to contain the greatest ancient findings that were discovered at the ancient Egyptian sites, tombs, and temples.

Explore Old Cairo’s Attractions

What makes the capital of Egypt is a more captivating & rich city in comparing to any Egyptian cities is that it contains a large amount of attractions and wherever you are, you will find lots of attractive sightseeing to visit and enjoy.

Head to Alexandria City Attractions

Being a coastal city overlooking at the Mediterranean Sea, Alexandria city is considered one of the second visited cities in Egypt after Cairo city and it has also lots of attractions to visit including the prestigious Citadel of Qaitbay, the incredible Pompey’s Pillar, the awesome Library of Alexandria, and last but not least, the breathtaking Catacombs of Kom El-Shoqafa.

Enjoy A Recreational Tour in One of Egypt’s Fascinating Coastal Cities

Besides the fabulous historical & cultural tours that can be accomplished in the Land of Pharaohs, there are lots of opportunities to enjoy one of the best recreational vacations in Egypt through which, you will be able to enjoy the incredible beaches, do tens of magnificent water sports like windsurfing, snorkeling, and diving.

Have A Tour Inside the Valley of the Kings

The Valley of the Kings that is located on the west bank of Luxor was considered one of the most sacred sites for the ancients since they chose it to be the spot where they used to establish royal tombs to their kings and bury them.

Don’t Miss A Visit to the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

You can’t be in Luxor and miss a visit to the Mortuary Temple of the astonishing Queen Hatshepsut that is mainly considered one of her most interesting accomplishments during the era of her reign.

Visit Luxor Temple at Night

While the majority of sightseeing all around Egypt closes around 05:00 pm, there is a terrific ancient Egyptian site that keeps its gates opened for travelers to check its greatness and captivating landmarks at night.

Marvel At the Amazing Beauty of Karnak Temples

Another impressive accomplishment in the East Bank of Luxor is called Karnak Temple and it is recognized as being the most fascinating religious temple ever been built on earth.

Enjoy a Hot-Air Balloon Ride

There are dozens of wonderful activities that can be done in Egypt and the city of Luxor has the best of them which is the hot-air balloon rides. While being in the west bank of Luxor, you can wake up in the early morning to start your day with a totally marvelous activity.

Do A Lovely Shopping tour at Khan El-Khalili Bazaar

You cannot leave Egypt without enjoying shopping at one of the most recognizable shopping centers in the Country. It is the amazing Khan El-Khalili Bazaar that is known to be the best site to find so many options for gifts, clothes, amazing antiques, so many options for perfumes, spices, handmade things, accessories, and other things.

Book A Camel/Horse Riding Tour at Giza Complex

While being inside the Giza Plateau, there is a wonderful opportunity to tour around the Pyramids, the Sphinx, and the Valley Temple while being on the back of a horse or a camel based on what you want to try since both activities are different and interesting.

Have A Mesmerizing Day Trip at Dendera & Abydos Temples

Those two temples are considered the most beautiful sacred and well-preserved temples in Egypt. You can start your tour with a visit to Abydos temple where the lord of the underworld is believed to be buried there and it was established by King Seti I.

Enjoy A Magical Tour to Kom Ombo and Edfu Temples

Those two temples are located between Luxor and Aswan and can be visited with the overland option and via the Nile while boarding a Nile Cruise and they are really interesting since they were established for the ancient deities of Egypt. Kom Ombo Temples are two temples that were established for Horus “The Falcon God” and Sobek “The Crocodile God” and they were built during the Ptolemaic dynasty and it was added to during the Roman period.

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