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Did Josh Seiter truly depart this world or is he really alive and kickiing? Check out the details between death and drag!

Did Josh Seiter really fake his own death? Let’s find out

Did reality TV just serve us the most jaw-dropping twist? Monica Beverly Hillz, famed RuPaul’s Drag Race sensation, recently dropped a bombshell by suggesting that Josh Seiter, remembered for his stint on The Bachelorette, might have faked his own death.

Dramatic Revelations

Monica expressed her emotions, saying, “I’m happy he’s alive, I’m happy he’s here, but this is so infuriating to me.” This came up during her exclusive chat with Entertainment Weekly. Now, for those out of the loop, this duo isn’t a new pairing. 

Flashback to 2013, and we see Monica lighting up the club scene as a drag icon, while Seiter danced away as a go-go star. They’d interact with cute emojis on their posts, and just recently, they spiced things up and turned their friendship into a whirlwind relationship that they boldly shared on Instagram.

However, the drama escalated when Monica hinted that Josh intimated planting stories about himself. So, when news broke of his alleged “passing”, the world paused, and Monica found herself torn between grief and suspicion.

What’s the Real Deal?

The plot thickened when the two ended their romance on August 22, only for Seiter’s “death” to make waves days later. And Monica wasn’t one to shy away from hard questions. With an edge to her voice, she questioned why there isn’t any backlash for Josh, even if the rumors were true.

Contrasting their situations, she said, “Trans women of color, people I know personally, are being attacked and murdered, and no one’s spotlighting them. But Josh Seiter? He’s plastered all over the news.”

Seiter, defending his position, went live on Instagram, pointing fingers at a mysterious hacker. This supposed digital villain was accused of cruelly exploiting his mental health battles. In a somber tone, he apologized for the mess, promising to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Decoding the Drama

A controversial statement from Seiter’s side previously circulated, stating he tragically succumbed to his longstanding mental health struggles. This announcement, now refuted, described Seiter as a “bright light in an increasingly dim world.”

It’s no secret that Josh faced his battles. Flash back to July 2021, and you’ll find him openly discussing his diagnosis with OCD, bipolar depression, and GAD. Still, the timeline and the turn of events have fans and followers scratching their heads.

In Conclusion

With reality TV always ready to serve a fresh plate of drama, this particular scenario takes the cake. But as viewers, where does this leave us? When personal battles, mental health, and the relentless drive for fame collide, what’s the takeaway? And as we keep refreshing our feeds, waiting for the next update, we’re left wondering – is reality TV becoming too real?

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