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Oddly opposed to RuPaul? Take a look at the flurry of tweets following her latest binge of the currently airing All Stars Season Eight.

Where’s the money? Discover why Yvie Oddly hates RuPaul

Yvie Oddly, our beloved queen from the eleventh season of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the seventh all-winners season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, recently brought some not-so-glitzy realities of the show to light. 

This glamorous contestant, who won our hearts in 2019, didn’t hold back when taking to Twitter, alleging some serious concerns about the treatment she received from the show’s producers. She claimed delays in her prize money payout and a less-than-stellar behind-the-scenes experience.


The claims came in a flurry of tweets following her latest binge of the currently airing All Stars Season Eight. She began with praise for the series’ contestants, calling them “the lifeblood of what makes this franchise great.” After all, the queens were the creators of the memorable looks, catchy phrases, viral memes, and buzzworthy drama that have made the Emmy-winning series a smashing success.

But Yvie’s tone soon shifted, accusing the show’s producers of being the “greediest, most-calculating, capitalist culture thieves.” She suggested that they toy with contestants’ lives, career opportunities, and even health for the sake of the show. 

Allegedly, while the producers drove off in luxury cars, the contestants were left sleep-deprived, underpaid, and dealing with the show’s potential impacts on their mental health.

No sugarcoating

In her Twitter tirade, Yvie also called out the show for its lack of diversity. Despite being hailed for showcasing queer content, she highlighted the absence of drag kings and noted the controversial past in supporting trans performers. One such overlooked talent is Victoria Scone, who had competed on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK and Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs. the World, even sporting a drag king look in the latter.

Yvie was quick to clarify that she remained grateful for the show, stating, “That show changed my life LONG before I was ever a part of its fiber.” However, she expressed hopes for a future where queer artists have the opportunity to flourish outside the confines of such reality shows.

Things heated up when Yvie disclosed an allegation that she had not received her hundred thousand dollars Season Eleven winnings for over a year. She even went as far as to claim that Jaida Essence Hall, the next season’s winner, received her prize “months” before Yvie got hers.

The conversation has since attracted significant attention from fans and outlets like Pop Crave, leading to her making some “final notes.” Yvie expressed her love for her fans, acknowledging their support as the reason she returned for the All Stars season and participated in the tours.

No Regrets

Despite appearing in Werq the World and RuPaul’s Drag Race Live!—two other productions associated with the same producers—Yvie confessed feeling “foolish” for returning. She noted the lack of fellow alumni in her live shows and concluded that she had managed to “milk the system.”

Yvie doesn’t regret her journey but hopes for a more promising future for the entire community. She longs for a world free from people who endorse the mantra “we’re all born naked and the rest is drag,” only to scorn others for their physique, all the while exploiting their catchphrases and personal traumas for profit.

In the light of Yvie Oddly’s revelations, what do you think? Is there a dark underbelly that may finally rise to the surface?


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