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This latest news about Disney’s Magic Key program has many both breathing a sigh of relief and huffing in anger. Get back to Magic Kingdom and dive in!

Disney’s Magic Key: What does this latest news about Disneyland mean?

This latest news about Disney’s Magic Key program has many both breathing a sigh of relief and huffing in anger. Disney announced Tuesday that they would be launching their new Magic Key program for the Disneyland parks as well as the Disney California Adventure Park. 

This news about Disney’s new pass system is replacing their previous Flex Pass system, which was discontinued in January due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sales for the new system will begin on August 25th, 2021 and reservations can be made the same day after purchase, so Disney lovers better get ready. 

Of course, many Twitter users are discussing this news about Disney’s pass system and how this may affect their future vacations. We searched through the threads to find more information about this latest news about Disney and the Magic Key pass system. Get back to Magic Kingdom and dive into the latest news about Disney’s new pass system. 

Off to Disneyland! 

Before the Magic Key system was announced, the previous Flex Pass system existed for almost four decades. As ticket prices soared, these passes became the best option to visit the many hubs of the House of Mouse. These passes included parking, PhotoPass, and other benefits depending on which one you picked. 

This new Magic Key pass system holds some of these same benefits, but the system does limit the amount of reservations you can make at once, mostly due to the new COVID regulations Disney is imposing in order to control capacity. 

The prices of the new Magic Key system are somewhat similar to the previous Flex Pass system with a few changes, but the passes are, much like the previous system, more worth it for those who want to repeat the magical experience as often as possible. 

Big bucks 

Of course, the biggest question many have is how much each tier is. For Southern California residents, the Imagine Key pass is the best bet at only $399, but only allows for only two reservations to be held at a time and doesn’t include parking. 

For those not residing in the Sunshine State, the Enchant Key pass is only $649, letting you have four reservations at a time and gives you a 10% discount on merchandise and dining. You could also get the Believer Key pass for $949 that gives you 50% off on parking on valid days. 

For the big Disney fanatics, your best bet is the Dream Key pass. The pass is $1399, giving you six reservations at a time, 20% on merchandise, 15% on dining, and includes parking. Of course, no matter the price, people are already commenting on their reactions to this new system. 

Twitter is . . . relieved 

Twitter is abuzz with this news about Disney’s new pass system, with some happy with the prices while others are not happy about shelling out more for a trip than previously. Reactions to the news include: 

True, but still sad you can’t book a spontaneous trip anymore . . . . 

We love being able to afford things in this economy! 

If that’s the case, that’s probably one of the best incentives to get vaxxed! 

Yeah, that would put quite the damper on the magic . . . . 

That’s fair, but for those of us who aren’t Florida residents *shrug* they’re fine, we guess. 

What are your thoughts on the news about Disney’s Magic Key pass system? Drop them below in the comments before the fireworks show begins!

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