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Amidst sexual assault allegations and high controversy, folks are now wondering if Andrew Cuomo cheated on his wife Sandra Lee. Find out the details here.

Sandra Lee: Did Andrew Cuomo cheat on his wife throughout their marriage?

The scandal of sexually inappropriate behavior surrounding Andrew Cuomo has been making headlines over the last few months. Women have been coming forward with accusations & statements causing the general public to think back on Cuomo’s past relationships.

Although Cuomo never had a wife, his long-term relationship with Sandra Lee is the one people are scratching their heads about more than ever at the moment.

The failure of his fairytale romance

From the outside looking in, Andrew Cuomo & Sandra Lee seemed to be a perfect match. Their “once upon a time” love story started out with him working as a prolific governor and her working as a gorgeous cooking show TV star. Although they never became husband & wife, when Lee fell ill with cancer, Cuomo stayed by her side, taking care of her and nurturing her back to health. 

Lee made it through her cancer diagnosis and finally reached remission. Cuomo was praised for supporting her through such a scary time. However, in 2019, things began to come crashing down. 

Cheating allegations exposed

Sexual harassment charges began to pop up left & right in September of 2019, but the whole time, Sandra Lee appeared to play the good wife, or girlfriend in her case remaining poised and visibly unconcerned. 

She didn’t appear to be phased by the rumors or allegations even though every media outlet was running with the story. Sexual harassment accusations were met with full-on cheating allegations of Andrew Cuomo and one or more of his female staffers. 

Lee moved out of the home she shared with Cuomo to a new location in Malibu, California. She never released a statement about why the relationship ended or why she chose to move to a new city. The public was left to connect the dots with assumptions that something shady possibly happened behind closed doors.

The infidelity was an “open secret”

An ex-aide who worked for Andrew Cuomo told The Post: “It was an open secret. Andrew was sleeping with at least one other woman who wasn’t Sandra.” The source mentioned that this alleged affair took place before Cuomo & Lee were broken up. Check out if your partner is cheating by using mSpy. Accusations of groping, unwanted kisses, and appropriate questions being asked by Cuomo have added more fuel to the fire.

So did Cuomo really cheat?

None of the rumors & stories making their rounds right now about Andrew Cuomo have been confirmed. According to CNBC, Cuomo clearly stated: “I never touched anyone inappropriately . . . I never made any inappropriate advances. No one ever told me at that time I made them feel uncomfortable.” He has continued to deny all allegations since the very beginning.

He also added, “You don’t know any facts, right? You know allegations. You don’t know facts. Let’s operate on facts. We have an investigation . . . let’s get the facts and then we can have a discussion on the facts.” As long as the investigation is still going on without anything confirmed, it is hard to say what the truth is.

Is there bad blood between Andrew Cuomo & Sandra Lee?

The relationship between Andrew Cuomo & Sandra Lee is definitely over, but that doesn’t mean there’s any animosity between the two. Not long after the split, Lee told The New York Times, “He’s still my guy. Neither one of us, well as far as I know, has had a date. We share a home, we share children, we share friendship. I will protect him and be there for him until the day I die.” We think that’s some wife-level loyalty.

She also posted a message to Instagram saying, “Sending everyone peace and loving healing regards from Malibu! The best sunsets ever. Thank God for the ocean!” The statement might sound general, but it was something she posted amidst the second sexual harassment allegation to come out against Cuomo. “Healing regards” might be what she felt he needed at the time.

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