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Of course, what is a multiversal journey without a bevy of heroes from across the Multiverse? Here are the guests expected on 'Crisis on Infinite Earths'.

‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’: All the guest stars coming to the Arrowverse

Crisis on Infinite Earths debuts on Sunday, Dec. 8. The CW’s latest massive Arrowverse event brings radical shifts to all the franchise series. 

Crisis on Infinite Earths follows the heroes from Arrow, Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and The Flash as they fight to save the Multiverse from destruction. Based on the 1986 – 87 12-issue miniseries of the same name, Crisis on Infinite Earths is something of a culmination of storytelling that was first unveiled in The Flash’s pilot back in 2014. 

Of course, what is a multiversal journey without a bevy of heroes from across the Multiverse? While we broke the series stars and their teams, it’s time to pay attention to those who are returning to old DC roles and other important guests. Crisis on Infinite Earths is seeing a lot of DC actors return. 

Returning to the Arrowverse

Mar Novu/The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) 

Introduced in Elseworlds, The Monitor and his upcoming warnings of a “crisis” have cast a shadow through the Arrowverse shows in 2019. He’s traveled the Multiverse with his Book of Destiny to test heroes of various Earths. It appears that he’s found the heroes that he’s looking for with Earth-1 and Earth-38. 

No one knows the true scope of the Monitor’s plans or his intentions. He’s a cosmic being that likes to keep his plans close to the vest. He does hope to use the heroes that he’s gathered to save all life within the Multiverse. We have no idea what will happen during the Arrowverse’s version of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Though in the comics, The Monitor is killed during the event. 

Earth-38’s Clark Kent/Superman (Tyler Hoechlin)

The famous counterpart of Kara Danvers’ (Melissa Benoist), Hoechlin’s version of Superman was first introduced during Supergirl’s second season. Don’t expect a broody Clark ala the DCEU here, Clark Kent of Earth-38 is just as adorkable and good-hearted as you can imagine. 

He returned in 2018’s Elseworlds crossover. During the event, Clark went to Earth-1 with Kara to help sort things out with Monitor and the Book of Destiny. At the end of Elseworlds, Clark went to the living segment of Krypton, Argo, with Lois (Bitsie Tulloch) for an extended. Why? Well his fiancee was pregnant with their child. No one wants to experience a super-baby pregnancy. 

Earth-38’s Lois Lane (Bitsie Tulloch)

The world’s most famous and intrepid reporter, Lois Lane is one of the most famous writers in the world. She worked at The Daily Planet with Clark Kent and James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) for a number of years. Eventually, Lois learned Clark’s identity and fell in love with him. The two went to Argo together while there Lois became pregnant with her and Clark’s child, so they returned to Argo to have the baby.

Lois is an utter badass. While she has, apparently, been kidnapped a lot in her past. She knows how to use the weapons of the Fortress of Solitude and always speaks her mind. 

Earth-38’s Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) 

The most famous foe of Superman, Lex Luthor found himself matching wits with Kara during Supergirl’s fourth season. While his complicated plan involving a cloned version of Supergirl, a faux Cold War, and a puppet President failed, Lex was able to get the last laugh. While dying following being shot by his half-sister Lena (Katie McGrath), Lex told her about Kara’s true identity, driving a wedge between them.

For some reason, The Monitor brought Lex Luthor back to life for the upcoming Crisis. Apparently, he wants to give Lex the Book of Destiny, which can rewrite reality. Lex also has some unfinished business with Lena. Oh boy.

Lyla Michaels/Harbinger (Audrey Marie Anderson)

Arrow and The Flash fans will recognize Lyla Michaels as the head of A.R.G.U.S., which deals with threats outside of the norm. A former soldier, Michaels is a capable woman and loving wife to husband John Diggle (David Ramsey). Throughout Arrow’s eighth season, fans learned that Lyla has been working for the Monitor for an indeterminate amount of time. 

At the end of Arrow’s latest episode “Purgatory”, a device is built that is specifically encoded to Lyla’s DNA. When she touched the device, Lyla bid goodbye to her loved ones and went into a portal. Lyla returned to collect Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Mia (Katherine McNamara) not as Lyla, but as a Harbinger. 

Nash Wells/Pariah (Tom Cavanagh)

The Flash has this running casting gag of having Tom Cavanagh play different versions of Harrison Wells from across the Multiverse. In season six, fans were introduced to the latest incarnation: multiversal traveler and adventurer, Nash. Nash has been on a quest to kill the Monitor for reasons unknown.

He was able to find a doorway with runes in a sewer system underneath Central City. During “The Last Temptation of Barry Allen”, a voice that Nash believes is the Monitor says that he can show him things, but only if he submits to him. At the end of the hour (and shown across Supergirl, Arrow, and Batwoman), Nash agrees and is sucked into a portal of glowing light.

We believe that Nash will be Cavanagh’s crossover character, Pariah. First appearing in Crisis on Infinite Earths in comics, Pariah is a scientist who has invulnerability, immortality, teleportation, and flight. An experiment conducted by Pariah allowed the villainous Anti-Monitor to escape his confinement and wreak havoc throughout the Multiverse. 

Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash (Tom Cavanagh)

Cavanagh is also reported to reprise his role as Eobard Thawne, who is Barry Allen’s (Grant Gustin) greatest enemy. A speedster that taps into the Negative Speed Force, Thawne traveled back in time to murder Barry’s mother and frame his father, changing the course of his life. During the first season of The Flash, he served as Barry’s mentor Harrison Wells. 

Thawne attempted to rewrite time by sending Barry’s daughter Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) to key moments in the past and change them. She believed it would save Barry’s life in the original timeline of Crisis, which took place in 2024. Due to Thawne’s changing of the timeline, Nora was erased from existence and Crisis is taking place in 2019. 

Earth 90’s Barry Allen/The Flash (John Wesley Shipp)

Before The CW’s version of The Flash, there was a live-action Flash series in 1990 that starred John Wesley Shipp. Shipp has played Barry’s father Henry Allen and Earth-3 Flash Jay Garrick in the Arrowverse. 

Barry Allen of Earth-90 had a brief cameo in Elseworlds where he warned the gathered heroes about the Monitor and the Book of Destiny. The Monitor then sent him to parts unknown. We’re just glad to know that he’s still alive. 

Jonah Hex (Johnathon Schaech)

Legends of Tomorrow fans will recognize this fan-favorite character. Jonah Hex is a former Confederate soldier turned lawman of a town called Salvation. He’s one of the best gunslingers of the West with a horrific burn on the side of his face. 

Jonah has worked with the Legends over the years. The last time he was seen was during Legends of Tomorrow’s season three finale. You know the fight between the John Noble demon and the giant Beebo? 

Alura In-Ze (Erica Durance)

Alura is the mother of Kara Danvers. When it looked like Krypton was to be destroyed and the people doomed, Alura sent Kara to Earth with her cousin Kal-El so that they may have a chance of survival. Fans of Supergirl know that things went a little haywire with that plan.

A part of Krypton, Argo City, was able to survive. While Alura’s husband and Kara’s father Zor-El died, Alura has worked hard to keep Argo a functioning and safe place. Due to the Harun-El used to keep Argo running, it is impossible to detect the remnants of Krypton unless you know what you’re looking for. Communications are also pretty impossible. Alura was last seen in the Supergirl season three finale. 

New to the Arrowverse

The Anti-Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) 

The Anti-Monitor is the Big Bad of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Basically, the Monitor represents all life and existence, so he can manipulate matter. The Anti-Monitor manipulates anti-matter which eradicates everything in its path. The Anti-Monitor is, essentially, the evil twin to the Monitor, which is why Garrett is also playing this role. 

The Anti-Monitor’s purpose in life is to destroy all of existence, starting with the Multiverse. If the heroes cannot defeat the Anti-Monitor, then they’re pretty doomed. 

Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning (Cress Williams)

 Jefferson Pierce is the lone hero of the lone superhero show on The CW not associated with the Arrowverse…until now. Making his Arrowverse debut in Crisis on Infinite Earths, Jefferson hails from a yet unknown Earth within the Multiverse. As a young man, Jefferson developed the powers to manipulate electricity and worked as the superhero known as Black Lightning.

After nearly dying in a fight with his arch-nemesis Tobias Whale (Krondon), Jefferson hung up the suit for good and became the principal of Garfield High, dedicated to keeping kids out of gangs and into a good future. A couple of years ago, he decided to continue his work as Black Lightning. His daughter Anissa (Nafessa Williams) and Jennifer (China Anne McClain) also inherited the metagene from Jefferson. 

Currently, Freeland is under martial law from a secret government group known as the ASA while there are Cold War-like tensions with a nation known as Markovia. Black Lightning does not have a direct episode with the crossover, but “The Book of Resistance: Chapter 4: Earth Crisis” will tie in with Jefferson’s role in Crisis of Infinite Earths. Check that out Monday, Dec. 9 at 9/8c on the CW following “Part 2” of Crisis on Infinite Earths on Batwoman

Clark Kent/Superman (Brandon Routh)

Arrowverse fans may recognize Routh best from his role as Ray Palmer/The Atom on Legends of Tomorrow. In 2006, he starred as the title character in Superman Returns. It’s unknown if the content of that film will be in continuity with Crisis on Infinite Earths. 

Routh will wear the Kingdom Come version of the Superman costume. Written by Mark Waid, Kingdom Come is a comic under the Elseworlds imprint that takes place in a world where the next generation of heroes have gone violent and an older Superman has to put things to rights. 

Smallville’s Clark Kent/Superman (Tom Welling) and Lois Lane (Erica Durance)

Smallville was a series about the early life of Clark Kent that aired on the WB/CW from 2001 to 2011. It was from Smallville where the first idea Arrow came… So without it, we wouldn’t have the Arrowverse. 

Welling will reprise his role as Clark Kent, who became Superman in the series finale of Smallville. 

In addition to her role as Alura In-Ze, Durance will also reprise her role as Lois Lane in Smallville. The series finale saw Clark and Lois getting married. Based on the pictures, it looks like the pair have moved back to the Kent farm.

Bruce Wayne/Batman (Kevin Conroy)

Conroy is the longest-running actor to play Bruce Wayne/Batman. He’s voiced Bruce in 500 performances from animated series, films, and video games. To many people, Conroy is Batman.

On Crisis on Infinite Earths, Conroy will play a live-action and older version of Bruce Wayne that Kara and Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) track down for assistance. 


These are characters/actors that we know are involved in the crossover, but don’t have a lot of information on. 

Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl (Brec Bassinger)

This will be a crossover from the DC Universe platform as Stargirl will also air on the CW. Courtney is a teenager that uses a special tool known as the Cosmic Staff which gives her an array of abilities. 

Helena Kyle/Huntress (Ashley Scott)

This character hails from the short-lived WB series known as Birds of Prey. It takes place in a future Batman-less Gotham and follows the group of female heroes that have stepped up to fill the void. 

Jim Corrigan (Stephen Lobo)

In comics, Corrigan is the human host of the cosmic entity known as the Spectre, the Spirit of Vengeance. His role in Crisis on Infinite Earths is unknown.

Ryan Choi (Osric Chau)

The second hero to take the name Atom in comics, Ryan Choi is a brilliant scientist. In addition to his role in Crisis on Infinite Earths, there are rumors that Chau will join Legends of Tomorrow to fill the void of Ray Palmer.

Burt Ward

The first live-action Robin way back in the 1966 Batman series starring Adam West. Ward has some kind of role in the crossover, but it’s unknown if he’ll play an older version of the Boy Wonder.

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