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Judging from the trailer, DC's 'Stargirl' has explosions, flying teenagers, and robot bodyguards. Here's everything we know about the show.

Everything you need to know about DC’s ‘Stargirl’

The DC Universe on the CW has continued dominating the field of television, and the finale to “Crisis on Infinite Earths” set up an intro into the life of Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger); mild-mannered high school sophomore.

However, no high school sophomore is ever truly mild-mannered in the DC Universe, and Whitmore is the alias of Stargirl, a superhero with a cosmic staff and the ability to manipulate energy.

Stargirl and her friends appeared as a cameo during the fifth part to “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” but who she is and what she does is still a bit of a mystery. The caption identified their world as Earth-2, but it looks quite a bit different than the decimated Earth-2 at the beginning of “Crisis on Infinite Earths.”

What can we expect with Stargirl’s story?

Stargirl has appeared in the DC Universe before, as Earth-Prime once had Stargirl show up in Legends of Tomorrow. Portrayed by Sarah Grey, Stargirl was busy protecting the world as a member of the Justice Society of America during World War II. This is expected to be a modern version, however, and she should be based on the comic of the same name.

Stargirl first appeared in the comic Stars and STRIPE #0 as the Star-Spangled Kid, a young girl forced to move from Los Angeles to Blue Valley, Nebraska after her mother remarried the mechanic Pat Dugan.

While this already would provide a poignant coming-of-age story, things get even more complicated when Whitmore discovers Dugan had a past life as the superhero Stripsey, the sidekick of Justice Society of America member Starman. 

Whitmore “borrows” Starman’s cosmic staff after finding it tucked away in the basement of her new home, and she transforms into Stargirl, part of a new generation of superheroes dedicated to fighting villains from the past. 

Like any good stepfather, Dugan develops a 15-foot robotic suit that would give Iron Man a run for his money to help her as the sidekick S.T.R.I.P.E.

Stargirl is expected to follow the story on the reformation of the Justice Society of America, the Earth-2 equivalent to the Justice League in the original DC Comics’ universe.

Who can we expect to be fighting the forces of good and evil?

Executive producer Greg Berlanti and showrunner Geoff Johns (who created the iconic character as a comic in 1999) developed the show, which stars Brec Bassinger in the titular role. 

Luke Wilson will join the DC as stepfather extraordinaire Pat Dugan, while Joel McHale will play the Starman from the past as Sylvester Pemberton. Brian Stapf was also cast as Ted Grant (Wildcat), Lou Ferrigno Jr. as Rex Tyler (Hourman) and Meg DeLacy as Cindy Burman. 

When is Stargirl touching down?

A new trailer was released to introduce the show ahead of its spring premiere, but no exact date was listed beyond some time in the second quarter of the year. The CW plans to air the show a day after it streams on DC Universe, and it will be available through the The CW website and app one day after that. 

We’re excited to see it when it finally airs, the first season of the program had a lengthy production cycle. Stargirl was first announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 as an exclusive DC Universe property, and it was slated for release in August 2019. However, the show was delayed to 2020, when the news broke it would be broadcast on both The CW and DC Universe.

Judging from the trailer, it has explosions, flying teenagers, and robot bodyguards, so it looks like it has been worth the wait.

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