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'Tiger King' star Carole Baskin may be getting her own reality show. Is she trying to rescue animals or expand her net worth?

Does Carole Baskin want to boost her net worth with a TV show?

Since the Netflix reality series Tiger King, big cat activist Carole Baskin’s fame has exploded, and she doesn’t seem to want to stop her roll any time soon. Baskin’s now hoping to get her own reality show in which she confronts animal abusers. After rising to fame due to her feud with zoo owner Joe Exotic, she has more plans for her next project that will undoubtedly attract viewers in droves.

Baskin hit it big during the pandemic when bored people, forced to stay home, discovered the delights of Tiger King. Without Joe Exotic taking up half of the screen time, Baskin will have a platform focused solely on her and her goal of rescuing abused animals.

A reality TV star

Baskin has been looking to make her reality show come to fruition with LA-based media company, ThinkFactory. Despite being Los Angeles owned, British broadcaster ITV now owns ThinkFactory. 

In a press release for the upcoming series, ThinkFactory CEO Adam Reed looks to be on board with Baskin’s vision.

“This partnership and new series fall right into ThinkFactory’s wheelhouse, offering a new unique new format with incredibly vibrant and passionate individuals at its center,” Reed said.

While the show is still unnamed, it’s promised to be unscripted as Baskin and her husband work to expose those who abuse and take advantage of animals. 

ThinkFactory is known for quite a few other chaotic, but people-oriented shows such as Mama June: From Not to Hot, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, and Dog & Beth: Fight of Their Lives. If ThinkFactory could make gems out of those programs, Baskin is hoping the network will also do the same for her future show.

“This is a chance for us to use our new platform to battle the everyday evils facing big cats and so many other animals,” Baskin said in a statement.

Life’s a ball for Baskin

Baskin’s time on Dancing with the Stars brought her back to her roots, and gave her a bigger opportunity to fight for animal rights. While Baskin is focusing on her mission for the proposed series, Reed knows that she is worth taking a chance on.

“Carole and Howard (her husband) are fun, intense, unpredictable, wildly driven, and oh yeah, they’ve very recently become pop culture sensations,” Reed said. 

Having this show will allow Baskin to fully show her side of the story, despite having constant backlash over the disappearance of her late husband, Don Lewis. She has strongly denied having any involvement, and the series will be her chance to try to change people’s minds about her.

As seen on Tiger King, Exotic has accused Baskin of murdering Lewis and feeding him to big cats. Just last week, it was reported that dogs had smelled traces of human remains at a lake house that belonged to Lewis in Florida. 

This discovery will go over huge with the true crime community because whether people like or hate Baskin, many have been waiting to see if the rumors about her and her late husband are true.  The dogs’ findings will be featured in a new documentary called Tigers, Lies, and Cover Ups

Baskin isn’t letting the new documentary stop her. She’s still upbeat, even after her elimination from Dancing with the Stars, and said, “My husband is going to be so happy I’m coming home.”

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  • This is gonna be the most boring show ever. She is the most hated person in America. The show won’t make it without Joe, just saying.

    October 7, 2020

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