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Are you madly in love with K-pop sensation BTS? Mark the band members birthdays on your calendar to keep the celebration going.

Every fangirl should know: Here are the dates for the BTS boys’ birthdays

If you’re like us then you’re madly in love with the K-pop sensation BTS. The band has taken the world by storm and has become massively adored around the world. As part of such a dedicated fandom, it’s no surprise that when one of the band members has a birthday, fans like to throw online parties – sending well wishes to them, posting new fancams, sharing image edits, and other celebratory acts in their honor.

However, if you’re wanting to do more than just tweet a generic “happy birthday” – which would be mildly pointless since the band members don’t have individual Twitter accounts – you’re going to need to know their birthdays in order to prep.

Here’s a list of the band’s birthdays so you know when to post that picture of a Jungkook birthday cake.

Jin’s birthday

Jin was born on December 4 of 1992 making him the oldest member of the band, making him 27 years old. This also means Jin is a Saggitarius.

His birth name is Kim Seok-jin. The name Seok-jin means great gift or “be a great treasure,” since Seok means great or large, and Jin means precious or valuable. We think the BTS Army would wholeheartedly agree that not only is Jin valuable, but he is most definitely a great gift to the world.

Suga’s birthday

Suga was born on March 9 of 1993, making him the second oldest member of BTS, but also currently 27. Being born in the beginning of March Suga’s astrological sign is Pisces.

Suga’s birth name is Min Yoon-gi. The name Yoon-gi is often described as meaning “shining” or occasionally “gloss.” Another fitting name since Suga is obviously a shining star after skyrocketing to fame with the band.

J-Hope’s birthday

J-Hope was born on February 18 of 1994, making him 26. This also makes him an Aquarius for those wondering about his astrological sign.

His birth name is Jung Ho-seok. His name is another impressively accurate meaning, since Ho-seok roughly means “the name will spread to the whole country” according to J-Hope himself. Not only has his name spread across the entirety of his home country, but across the globe.

Rap Monster’s birthday

Rap Monster was born the same year as J-Hope, on September 12 of 1994. This makes him a Virgo, and also currently 26 years old.

His birth name is Kim Nam-joon, which approximates to “the genius from the south.” Considering the impressive lyrics he raps for the band, we’re willing to go ahead and say the streak of shockingly accurate names continues.

Jimin’s birthday

Jimin was born on October 13 of 1995, meaning he’s about to turn 25 next month, but is currently 24 years old. This also means Jimin is a Libra according to astrology.

Jimin’s birth name is actually Park Jimin, making him one of two band members without a nickname. Jimin’s name was given to him by his grandfather and it means “my wisdom will be higher than the sky.” Both a lot to live up to and also a beautiful sentiment.

V’s birthday

V was also born in 1995, but in December on the 30th. This makes him a Capricorn and 24 years old right now, though his birthday is in just a few months.

V’s birth name is Kim Tae-hyung. His grandfather also helped to name him because his grandfather is a naming master – it’s his job to study names and create them. Tae-hyung essentially means “all wishes come true” or “everything will be alright.” A wonderfully hopeful name and we imagine that all his wishes have come true thanks to BTS. V says that his father’s name has a similar meaning.

Jungkook’s birthday

Jungkook is the youngest member of the band BTS since he was born on September 1 of 1997. This makes him the second Virgo in the band & 23-years-old.

Jungook’s birth name is Jeon Jungkook, which also makes him the second BTS member to not have a nickname. Jungkook says he doesn’t know what his name means. Google says it means “great country” or possibly “from a beautiful country.”

BTS’s birthday

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the birthday for the inception of the band – June 13 of 2013, meaning the band has been around for just over seven years now.

Now that you know of the boys’ birthdays you’re ready to celebrate your love for them! Tell us whose birthday you’re most excited for in the comments below.

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  • Jimin’s Birthday is what I’m pumped about he’s a hugger and a nice guy I should do something nice for him he’s not mean he’s so sweet and caring

    September 29, 2020

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