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Does an inked up Jimin make you swoon? Take a look at these awesome Jimin tattoo inspirations.

BTS ARMY: Check out the best Jimin tattoo inspirations we could find

BTS’s Jimin already has four tattoos inked into his body. The first tatt he got was his “Nevermind” tattoo, which is displayed prominently on the right side of his ribcage whenever he performs shirtless. Jimin originally got the nevermind tattoo as a temporary style choice for BTS’s Mnet Asian Music Awards according to Elite Daily

The award show took place all the way in 2014 so when fans spotted the same tattoo looking crisp in 2018 during BTS’s Good Morning America debut fans were very surprised. They started to realize that what had started out as a temporary display was permanently inked into Jimin’s body. Some were shocked and others were thrilled. The tattoo refers to lyrics, “Nevermind. It’s not easy but engrave it on your chest.” 

Clearly the K-pop idol felt so moved by these words he chose to take them literally. Jimin has two more tattoos speculated to be inspired by lyrics. When it comes to BTS and tattoos it’s always mere speculation because Big Hit Entertainment is never exactly proud of the members’ various inkage since tattoos are still a taboo thing in Korean culture. 

The lyric-inspired ink we’re referring to on Jimin’s body are the words “young forever”. When Jimin showed up with bandages on his upper arm during BTS’s M Countdown performance, the airwaves and internet were full of whispers and predictions about new tattoos. In June of 2020 Jimin finally put his fans out of their collective speculatory misery when he revealed one elbow was engraved with “young” and the other “forever”. 

The last tattoo Jimin has that we know about is the “13” inked into his left wrist. It could stand for his birth date, the day BTS debuted, or just a lucky number. One thing’s for sure, many fans really dig the tattoo look for Jimin. 

ARMY likes the idea of Jimin and tattoos so much they’ve even designed their own tattoo suggestions for him and gotten Jimin-inspired tattoos themselves. Whether you’re photoshopping new tatts onto Jimin’s body or engraving a tribute to him on your skin, you’re really a hardcore ARMY. Tell us which tattoos are your favorites in the comments. 

Promise tattoo 

This ARMY’s tattoo was inspired by Jimin’s song “Promise”. It’s a melancholy song with a gentle, earnest melody. Part of the lyrics translate: “Even if you feel you are alone, oh, oh. Don’t throw yourself away, oh, oh. Intertwine our pinkies and promise now. . . .” We can understand why this fan might have a strong attachment to these lyrics. Jimin has always been transparent about mental health and this is just one good example. 

Jimin tattoo fanart 

This fan imagined what Jimin might look like with hand tattoos and a neck tattoo. Notice the decorative nose piercings too. He looks pretty cool with them.

Short and sweet 

This ARMY kept it simple with a small tattoo of Jimin’s name. It looks more like a temporary tatt than a real one but that’s one surefire way to proclaim your bias. 

A comic style tattoo

Here’s another fan tattoo inspired by Jimin’s “Promise”. 

Sketchpad tattoos 

This ARMY went bananas with the tiny arm tattoo art. He almost looks like the personification of sketchpad – but in a cute way

My body is yours, Jimin

Then there’s this huge Jimin back tattoo. 


This edit features a tasteful design peeking out behind Jimin’s collar. 

Tribal tattoos 

Have you ever wondered what Jimin might look like with tatt sleeves? Well, feast your eyes

“I miss you”

This ARMY got her first tattoo as a tribute to both BTS and her ailing mother. Apparently it’s a lyric from one of her mom’s favorite BTS songs, “Spring Day”. This ARMY says that “I miss you” was the first thing her mother learned to say in Korean and that her mom would say this to her every day before chemo. BTS was one of the few things that kept their spirits up.

It’s not an exclusively Jimin tattoo, but it was too much of a touching story not to share. This person posted this on their Tumblr back in 2017, so we hope her mother is doing well today. 

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