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9 Big Cats To Follow On Twitter

If you love big cats and want to stay informed on their adventures, these eleven profiles will definitely be worth a follow. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular accounts dedicated to all things feline.

  1. @TigerConservation – Dedicated to conserving wild tigers, this Twitter profile shares interesting facts about tiger populations and their habitats.
  2. @BigCatRescue – This US-based big cat rescue organization gives followers an inside look at what it takes to save those in need through photos and videos from their group of volunteers.
  3. @CheetahConserva – This account provides regular updates about cheetah conservation projects, plus plenty of amazing photos so you can learn more about these thrilling creatures up close.
  4. @SavingLionsOrg – Want to know what it takes to save lions? This account keeps track of all the hard work that goes into each project – something which is incredibly important for these majestic felines’ survival in the wild!
  5. @tiger_cam – Bringing us live footage from India’s Ranthambore National Park, this profile is sure to make any fan go wild over its stunning visuals and clips from upcoming documentary series TigerCam Project!
  6. @Panthera_org – Get a closer look at four of the world’s iconic cat species (lion, tiger, jaguar and leopard) with this nonprofit organization dedicated solely towards saving all species large cats worldwide.
  7. @CatsOfInstagram – A must-follow for any pet lover interested in seeing adorable cats doing adorable things everyday! From fluffy kittens playing around in water bowls or dramatic stares, they have it!
  8. @NatGeoPhotos – Don’t miss out on some breathtaking shots of nature that could easily become artwork when featured on Nat Geo’s page devoted exclusively towards documenting our planet’s biggest cats!
  9. @Catloversunited – Get ready for an onslaught of cuteness courtesy of this user curated collection featuring all types of kitties posing for cameras (in addition to plenty off funny talking birds!).

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Big Cats Rescued From Human Homes

While big cats may seem like majestic and dangerous animals that belong to the wild, there are individuals out there who keep them as pets in their own homes. Unfortunately, these animals often don’t receive the proper care they need, resulting in their rescue from these types of environments. Here’s what you need to know about big cats being rescued from humans homes.

One of the most common examples of big cats being kept as pets are tigers. While tigers may seem exotic and unique, they do not adapt well to captivity due to their natural instinct for roaming large distances and a diet which is difficult to provide for in a human home. This can lead to significant health concerns both due to malnutrition and chronic stress. As such, many tigers that have been kept as domestic animals end up needing rescuing by organizations such as Big Cat Rescue or Panthera.

Another example is lions, which although smaller than tigers, require similar care and diet requirements – making them ill-suited for living alongside humans. In some cases these large felines were even bred specifically for abuse – an act known as ‘cub petting’ – where cubs are taken away from their mothers at a young age before being sold or used for entertainment purposes in tourist attractions or animal shows. These kinds of animals generally have no chance of ever adapting back into the wild, instead requiring specialized care throughout their lives once rescued.

Finally there is the issue of other lesser known species such as leopards or cougars – all of which face similar issues when kept domestically without adequate care or attention leading eventually to their rescue by knowledgeable parties who critique each situation validating if they would be able make it back into the wild safely or not.

Ultimately all of this highlights both how important it is for people to understand that these animals should not be kept as domestic pets but also how vital it is that we support those organizations devoted towards saving and rehabilitating rescues so that they can live healthy lives whether it be back in a safe area of the wild or through permanent residence with specialized professionals who truly understand their needs best.

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