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Hyperpigmentation is a skin problem with an easy solution. Learn how these best skin whitening creams are combating it cost-effectively.

3 Best Skin Whitening Creams to Fight Hyperpigmentation

The beauty concept is getting revamped across the globe, and the cry for an all-in-one skin whitening solution is waving.

This article will introduce you to three of the best skin whitening creams that clear hyperpigmentation and save your skin from another doctor’s appointment. 

There are hundreds of whitening creams in the market, but finding the right fit that can suit your need is the biggest headache. 

Most of the creams would advertise themselves as fairness creams, but they would seldom fulfill what they have claimed when it comes to reality. 

Skin is the most exposed organ of all and trademark of aesthetics. Any problem with skin would have a dramatic influence on our day-to-day life. 

That is why you need a comprehensive skin whitening solution that can combat hyperpigmentation, at the same time, be a solution for darker skin. 

So, without more works here, let us jump into the crux of this article and explore the best skin whitening creams. 

Best Skin Whitening Creams To Treat Melasma, Sunspots, Acne Scars and More

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  2. Zeta White: Click to get the best deal
  3. Amaira Natural Lightening Serum: Click to get the best deal


  1. Meladerm

Are you searching for a one-stop solution that could end your skin agony once and for all? Then Meladerm is the exact product that is custom-made for you. 

This brilliant formulation from the house of Civant Skin Care, USA, is simply one of the best skin whitening creams for dark skin, sun spots, age spots, tan, melasma, and a bunch of other skin issues that ruin your aesthetics.

Unlike its competitors, this product has many differences that put it into a different league of its own. One of the best highlights is that this product has no hydroquinone, a major skin brightening agent, but recent studies suggest that it is carcinogenic in rat models.

Not just hydroquinone, Meladerm is also free from steroids, paraben, mercury, and sulfates, which are often found in fairness creams. 

This cream focuses on regulating the working of melanosomes, which are small machinery inside the cell that secretes melanin. When the melanosomes overproduce melanin, it leads to hyperpigmentation. 

It also has exfoliation property, thereby removing the topmost layer of skin. This, when combined with suppressed melanosome, will help you get brighter skin.

The ingredients are cherry-picked from traditional and modern medicine, and it is one of the best skin whitening creams for Indian skin tone and texture. 

Some of the natural ingredients include Bearberry, Amla, Kojic Acid, Lemon extract, Licorice root, Niacin, Citric acid, and Mulberry.

Meladerm also contains biosynthetic agents line Alpha Arbutin, GigaWhite, SymWhite, and SepiWhite, manufactured from natural plant extracts.

Not just hyperpigmentation, but then this cream can be effectively used against age spots, suntan, scar, uneven tone, and birthmarks. 

One of the best perks of this cream is its ability to whiten the underarm and pubic region, making this product a super success.

The manufacturer recommends using it in the morning and night after cleansing the skin. They also strongly recommend an SPF 30+ to slow down further sun damage and help you achieve natural skin lightening.


  • A nutraceutical preparation made after scientific studies and clinical testing.
  • Safe and effective in all skin types; therefore, you can use it in any part of the body. 
  • Significantly reduces the melasma within the first few weeks of use. 
  • This product is manufactured in an FDA-approved cGMP facility. 
  • All ingredients are organic and don’t contain any harmful substances like paraben, sulfates, mercury, or hydroquinone. 
  • There are no harmful side effects associated with this product.
  • Suitable for vegans, thanks to its fruit and plant-based ingredients.
  • The cream comes in an airless dispenser, which can prevent oxidation of cream during routine use. 
  • The manufacturer offers you a 30-days money-back guarantee.


  • The moisturizing property is this cream is a downside. It comes out as a viscous cream and takes some time to diffuse into the skin. 
  • It is mostly sold only through the official website in an attempt to prevent knock-offs. 

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  1. ZetaWhite

Do you want a magical makeover for your skin? Well, ZetaWhite has that nature’s spell inside that can turn your beauty killer dark spots into glowing and charming skin. 

It comes from the house of Swiss Research Labs, based in the UK. The manufacturing happens in a world-class cGMP facility to keep up with the international standards.

This skin lightening cream doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, especially hydroquinone. Therefore, you don’t need a second thought before using this ZetaWhite.

This is a gentle and safe formulation that can be used on all types of skin. It helps to protect the skin against discoloration and stop aggressive aging from being reflected on the skin.

It is an organic skin bleaching cream that mostly contains fruit-based ingredients that are mild and safe. Even the cream base is free from sulfates or parabens; therefore, you can use it on sensitive skin types also.

The highlight of this cream lies in its three-part working strategy, which ensures that the skin requirement is met in three different timelines. Simply put, the ZetaWhite comes in three cream packs, each of which is meant for three aspects of skin. 

  • Lightening face wash: Rich in papaya and lemon extracts, this cream can curb excess melanin secretion. You have to apply it in the early morning, soon after waking, and before bed. 
  • Lightening moisturizer: As the name says, it is a moisturizing cream that is rich in licorice. It can diffuse into the skin and open up its pores for easier nutrient exchange. Simultaneously, the cream also blocks the harmful UVB of the sun from damaging the skin.
  • Lightening night cream: Loaded with Allantoin, this cream has an excellent exfoliation property that removes dead skin cells from the top layer, thus paving the way for new cells to flourish.

Some of the other ingredients of this cream include apricot oil, coconut oil, vitamin C extracts from citrus fruits, papain from papaya, cranberry, and strawberry.

The manufacturer recommends using this cream for at least 3-4 weeks to see a positive result.


  • This cream is 100% vegan and made from fruit-based ingredients. 
  • Made in a world-class cGMP facility and is compliant with international standards.
  • It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals like hydroquinone, paraben, sulfates, or mercury.
  • It is light and safe for sensitive parts of the body. 
  • An excellent cream for treating melasma.
  • One of the best hyperpigmentation creams can work magic in 4 -6 weeks of regular use. 
  • Comes in a three-step treatment strategy to give maximum efficacy and all-around protection throughout the day.
  • The brand also offers a 100% money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers. 


  • Slower results compared to allopathic treatments.
  • The market penetration of this brand is average.

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  1. Amaira Natural Lightening Serum

How to lighten the skin cost-effectively? This over asked question is flooding forums, and the answer that we put forward is Amaira Natural Lightening Serum.

Amaira Natural Skincare is a USA-based company that has been at the forefront of skin brightening solutions for the past few years. 

Its Mulberry and Orchid extracts blend makes it one of the best dark spot removers, and you can use it without the fear of side effects.

Its paraben, and hydroquinone-free formulae are highly safe and effective for all skin types. You can even use it for underarm and pubic region whitening without the worry of boils or burns. 

This lightening serum is an all-in-one solution for melasma, sunspots, age spots, dark circles, acne, scar, and birthmarks. 

The serum contains inhibitor molecules that can interfere with the enzyme tyrosinase, which is crucial in the secretion of melanin. With suppressed melanin, the skin would return back to its original color, and if you continue using the serum, the skin color could even improve.

It contains Irish moss, which can supply necessary minerals for the skin and increase collagen production to smoothen the wrinkles on the skin the combat aging.

There are more than 20 ingredients, and some of the highlights are field dock extract, mulberry, kojic acid, Irish moss, orchid extracts, strawberry, and Chinese skullcap.

Amaira is a popular brand, and their skin-lightening serum can give you salon-quality results without overspending on an actual salon. 

The manufacturer guarantees a three-shade difference in 6-8 weeks of regular use. You have to apply the serum in the morning and night after thorough face wash or cleansing. 


  • A comprehensive compilation of botanicals that guarantees a salon-quality difference. 
  • The manufacturing happens in a cGMP facility, so the quality is guaranteed. 
  • Melasma, dark spots, age spots, and all kinds of discoloration can be fixed with this serum.
  • Free from harsh and unsafe chemicals.
  • The serum can help in accelerated exfoliation to shed dead skin cells.
  • 60-days money-back guarantee.


  • The SPF property of this cream is very weak.
  • It takes up to 6 weeks to see the complete result. 

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What is hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is the body’s mechanism of overproducing the melanin pigment that is supposed to give darker shade to skin. 

This overproduction of pigment can either be over a small patch of skin or a wider region. It is usually triggered by various stimuli like stress, sun exposure, allergy, side-effects towards a medicine, etc.

Melanin is the pigment compound produced by melanosomes in the cell. The hyperactivity of melanosomes results in hyperpigmentation.

Tyrosinase, an enzyme that catalyzes the working of melanosomes, is often targeted by skin whitening creams and similar products, which curbs the overproduction of melanin, thereby preventing hyperpigmentation. 

What are different types of hyperpigmentation?

This process can occur in any part of the body; however, it is most commonly seen in hands, face, chest, and legs. Vaguely it is classified into three categories:

  • Melasma: A type of hyperpigmentation that occurs due to the variation in hormones, and it is most prevalent in pregnant females. It is also called chloasma and is seen mostly on the face and stomach. 
  • Sunspots: As the name implies, it has something to do with sun exposure. Fortunately, this hyperpigmentation can only happen over time and is seen mostly in people who get a lot of sun exposure. 
  • Post-inflammatory: Any immune triggers like acne, scar, or a pimple can lead to the formation of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It is also called acquired melanosis.  

What causes hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is caused due to the overproduction of melanin, as explained above. However, the underlying factors could be different, and it may be one of the below: 

  • Side-effects: This discoloration can occur due to the side effects of certain medications that you are prescribed, which may disrupt healthy melanin production. 
  • Hormonal changes: Women are more prone to hyperpigmentation induced by hormonal changes, and it mostly happens during the time of pregnancy.
  • Sun exposure: Undoubtedly, this is one of the major reasons for hyperpigmentation. Excessive sunlight would trigger certain hormones that can boost melanin biosynthesis. 
  • Addison’s Disease: This is a rare genetic disease that causes decreased cortisol production, thus paving the way for hyperpigmentation.
  • Stress: A very underestimated which can accelerate an already existing hyperpigmentation by increasing the free radical attack on skin cells. 

How to treat hyperpigmentation?

There are many ways to treat hyperpigmentation, starting from allopathic medications to traditional treatments. But the efficacy varies from patient to patient and depends on the treatment regimen as well. 

Here are the three ways to combat it:

  • DIY Remedies: The easiest way is to avoid sun exposure, which is a major causative factor. You can also use an SPF 30+ cream to reduce excessive sun damage if you wander a lot outside during the day. Also, make use of an umbrella wherever possible. 
  • Cosmetic treatment: Next possible way is to get a consultation with a dermatologist or a cosmetic specialist for medical treatment. This might be the fastest way, but it is the most expensive choice of all. 
  • Skin whitening creams: These are mostly nutraceutical creams made from natural ingredients with no side effects and are safe for the skin. The results might take some time to arrive, but this the most cost-effective option. 

What are skin whitening creams, and how do they work?

All of these best whitening creams are, in a sense, the same when it comes to the end result, i.e., brightening skin. But the mechanism by which each of these creams might work is different.

A lightening cream contains extracts that can neutralize excessive hyperpigmentation, thus helping you restore the skin’s original color. 

On the other hand, a whitening cream contains formulations that interfere with the tyrosinase enzyme to regulate melanin synthesis, thereby improving the overall sheen of the skin. 

A bleaching cream also decreases melanin secretion by reducing the number of melanocytes (the organelle that produces melanin). 

Then there is a fourth category of cream, which would remove the top layer of skin and promote the newly formed skin to be brighter than previous. 

Can men use these products?

Yes, men can use the products mentioned above, and most of them are unisex creams that will work similarly on both genders. 

Here, the creams are trying to combat the hyperpigmentation and restore the original color or to improve the existing tone of the skin.

Some of the fairness creams might depend on the skin hardness, but the nutraceutical creams mentioned in this review can be equally used. 

However, be advised that the results might significantly vary between people, which is influenced by a plethora of factors. 

Do I need a doctor’s consultation to use these creams?

No, you don’t need a doctor’s consultation to use any of these creams mentioned here. There are a few reasons for that. 

These products are classified under nutraceutical or botanical products that are made directly using plant ingredients. Therefore, they are safe and don’t elicit harmful side effects like chemical drugs. 

Furthermore, these creams are very well studied in laboratory conditions and subjected to hundreds of clinical tests before entering the market. 

Lastly, millions of people have already tried these creams, and they generally have a positive review on the internet.

Can I use other face creams along with these products?

Ideally, yes, because these products are plant or fruit extracts which shouldn’t elicit any adverse response. 

But it is always better to go with one category of product, especially when it comes to the skin. 

If you are using a skin whitening cream, it is better to avoid similar products to hyper boost the result, which in fact could backfire sometimes.

These products are designed and optimized to work on normal skin; however, when you use a different product, it might cross interact with the components of other cream and compromise it. 

You may use an SPF or moisturizer, which are different product segments that can complement skin whitening.

Can breastfeeding mothers use skin lightening creams?

This topic is still under research, and it is highly recommended not to try any of the creams during the lactating phase of pregnancy.

The components in the cream can get absorbed into the bloodstream and might be passed to the baby while feeding.

Therefore, try not to use any of the cosmetic products during the pregnancy phase. 

However, you may consult with a doctor for an expert opinion if there is an inevitable need to use skin whitening creams. 

Are there any side effects for skin whitening creams?

In a nutshell, no. There are no harmful or life-threatening side-effects exhibited by any of these creams. The major reason for this shall be attributed towards the green nature of these products. 

They are made from plant extracts and are weak to invoke an immune response that might adversely affect health.

Plus, all these products are extensively studied in the lab to ensure their safety and even test human volunteers. 

Still, on rare occasions, some of the users might develop harmless conditions like itching, redness, skin flaking, etc., which can go away on their own.

However, if you are currently under any medication or treating a skin condition (especially using topical steroids), it is recommended to consult your doctor before using these products. 

What are the benefits of skin whitening creams? (h2)

There are many benefits to using skin lightening/whitening/bleaching creams. Some of the highlights are: 

  • It can provide treatment for various degrees of hyperpigmentation without the need for a doctor’s intervention.
  • They are made from natural ingredients, and therefore, don’t have any side effects like steroid creams. 
  • These products are also made in an FDA-approved cGMP facility, just like pharmaceutical medicines. Thus, quality is guaranteed. 
  • Clinically tested and scientifically studied to ensure that promised results are delivered. 
  • None of the creams featured in this list use harsh chemicals like paraben, sulfates, hydroquinone, or mercury. 
  • Skin whitening creams are the most cost-effective solution for hyperpigmentation. 

Can I wear makeup with these creams?

Yes, you can wear your regular makeup over skin lightening/whitening/bleaching creams without any worry.

Just make sure that you give ample time for the cream to diffuse into your skin so that it doesn’t interact with the makeup. 

A regular whitening cream user might be able to exploit the best of makeup products, thanks to the exfoliating property of certain creams. 

How long does it take for me to see the results?

This is a highly subjective question, and the answer will vary from person to person.

Still, to give a straight answer, most brands claim to offer onset of result in the first week of use. 

Complete results might take 6 – 8 weeks or even more in some cases. But, the wait is worth it, because of the safe working of these products. 

Over the course of use, you might be able to feel the increasing sheen of your skin. 

Some of the creams can even be used for general skin whitening after the hyperpigmentation is washed away.

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