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Matt James is the new man on 'The Bachelor' along with a whole slew of lovely ladies. Take a look at the best Twitter reactions to the new contestants.

‘The Bachelor’ is back: The sharpest Twitter thoughts on the contestants

Bachelor nation can stop panicking: the two long weeks they spent without the quest for true love came to a close with the premiere of The Bachelor’s 25th season on Monday. After the debacle that was Clare Crawley’s “season” turned into a botched, rushed, mini-series with queen Tayshia Adams, Bachelor nation is foaming at the mouth for a legit season of the show they know & love.

Luckily for fans of The Bachelor, there’s a new man on campus who will stick it out from beginning to the final episode of the beloved ABC reality dating show that started it all. 

Matt James came into our homes & hearts yesterday for the first time, and along with him, a slew of new contestants. If The Bachelor has taught us anything, it’s that you can only make one first impression. Twitter users were honest as always with theirs, and everyone shouted into the void about what they think of Matt’s suitors. Let’s take a look at the best reactions to the new ladies.

Fan favorites

As haters gonna hate, stans will go off. Of the new Bachelor contestants, no one was more beloved Monday than Abigail, the first deaf contestant to appear on The Bachelor. The show seems to be scrambling to undo over a decade of misrepresentation on the show, and honestly . . . we’re here for it! 

Magi turned out to be another favorite contestant for fans of The Bachelor. Some were blown away by her stunning good looks.

Fan shade

Victoria, however, is another story. The contestant received her rose by saying, “thank you my king,” tickling the gag reflexes of many Bachelor fans who took to Twitter to express their disgust.

Other contestants were slammed for their looks on Twitter, as no one could quite hold their tongue when it came to Kit’s dress. Some would call it a flapper dress while to others, flapping wings comes to mind.

Speaking of dresses, fans were shocked to see that Anna & Alana wore the same dress and were downright disappointed it didn’t lead to drama. What kind of season is this?

Twitter couldn’t leave Anna unscathed, as some took to tweeting about the contestant’s, well, overly enthusiastic pining on the premiere Monday. Have your fun, Twitter, Anna laughed all the way to the next episode!

Katie was roasted for looking like a suburban Mom, which is not the harshest thing anyone has said about a contestant this season. Furthermore, it describes Bachelor nation’s largest demographic.

Bachelor nation is full of self-aware fans, perhaps more so than some of the fame-hungry contestants who come on for, (say it with me) the wrong reasons. Many took to twitter to laugh at themselves in their ruthless judgement of the new contestants.

Unpopular picks

Surprising no one, there were some arguments on Twitter about who should have been picked. Victoria has unknowingly painted a target on her back for Bachelor nation, and fans weren’t shy talking about it on Twitter.

Distaste for Matt’s choices weren’t limited to who he gave a rose to, and many were upset with who they’d lost so early on in the premiere. Alicia was a favorite of many, some calling her dismissal a downright crime.

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