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The days of buying tickets for Armie Hammer movies might be done, but find out if this is a permanent blacklisting or just a temporary disappearance!

Will Armie Hammer’s act in more movies after abuse allegations?

2020 was a wild year. From COVID reaching pandemic status to inexplicable toilet tissue shortages, it was less a time in our lives and more of a series of neverending chaotic events. Then 2021 happened and Armie Hammer movies went from hot stuff to dead on the water. Why?

The then-rising star had been accused of cannibalism, among other terrible things. It started with little rumors being shared around town about Hammer’s strange kinks, or sexual preferences. However, it wasn’t long before what was being whispered about turned into very loud allegations of Hammer’s allegedly inappropriate behavior.

Usually, when famous men are accused of having abusive tendencies, they can sweep it under the rug. The more money they have, the better they’re able to silence those who speak out against them. Just look at James Franco. Instead, Hammer seemed actually to be suffering. Will this continue or will Tinsel Town eventually forgive & forget?

armie hammer movies


Sometimes people who are up to no good have a certain look or energy about them. Dan Schneider, for example, fits society’s idea of what a pedophile looks like based on his weight and how he always looks sweaty. Other times, though, they don’t fit any preconceived notions of being a bad person.

Armie Hammer doesn’t look like someone who abuses people when he’s not starring in movies. In fact, with his blond hair, blue eyes, and gentle smile, he looks like someone who regularly drinks his respect-women juice. Yet, the allegations of cannibalism, sexual assault, and abuse say otherwise.

January 2021 marked the first of many alleged victims speaking out against him. It started with an anonymous Instagram account leaking screenshots of Hammer sending sexually violent texts to an unknown recipient. It snowballed from there with rapidly increasing additional allegations claiming to have been victims of his twisted desires.

armie hammer movies

Begone boy

Hollywood is no stranger to standing in staunch support of powerful men who do bad things. For example, it took years before the industry turned its back on director Roman Polanski. Not only had he been accused of sexually assaulting Samantha Geimer when she was thirteen years old, but he’d also admitted to the disgusting crime.

Perhaps organizations like the #MeToo movement had impacted the industry more than many realized. As the allegations continued to pour in, Armie Hammer movies started to decrease. He was quickly going from the It Boy with opportunities aplenty to the No Boy with more & more doors closing in his face.

Movies like The Social Network and J. Edgar put him on the map as a force to be reckoned with. Hammer was nominated for twenty-one Supporting Actor awards just for Call Me By Your Name. Fortunately, it wasn’t enough to stop the industry from turning on him as revealed his true character.

armie hammer movies

Guilty & thriving

While Armie Hammer has still appeared in some movies like the Death on the Nile reboot, it looks like his career is finished. One can’t help but ask: what makes him different? Why is actually being held accountable when so many others have continued to thrive in their fields?

Maybe it was timing. So many people in the house bored and checking for stories like these might’ve meant it got more coverage. Maybe it was the severity of his alleged crimes. He was being accused of sexual assault, forcing partners into kink play, and even going so far as to brand his initials onto one of his ex-girlfriends.

Maybe it was the alleged victims themselves. Being conventionally-attractive white women may have given the legitimacy to their claims they might’ve lacked otherwise. Women of color, queer womxn, and poor women are just as violated with much less coverage, let alone justice for the crimes against them.

armie hammer movies

Regardless, Hammer’s talent agency dropped him and his roles were given to other actors. He wasn’t given twenty-plus years for his allegations to exist as open secrets before being exposed as a possible predator. His victims are being given a voice and he’s being paid dust. Good riddance!

armie hammer movies


The newest documentary focusing on his alleged victims is the closest Armie Hammer will get to still being in movies. House of Hammer highlights the brave women exposing Hammer’s true nature to the world. More than that, it features his aunt Casey bringing the dark secrets of the Hammer family to light.

In the trailer, Casey claims the Hammer has a long, twisted history of assault, abuse, and victim silencing. She’s the consultant for directors Elli Hakami and Julian P. Hobbs. Discovery Plus will release the three-hour documentary on September 3rd.

No one knows what’ll happen to Armie in the future. It’s possible he’ll be afforded a chance to return in a major movie role. Perhaps he’ll play former president Donald Trump in a hit biopic and finally win an Oscar. Or maybe he’ll fade into obscurity and the horror of the Hammer family will fade with him.

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