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So is there really reason to believe there's a new priest in town? Ask Shia La Beouf and the answer is

As the company works to ensure snappy service and a discrimination-free zone, one can't help but wonder about the ghosts of its past.

'Priscilla' navigates the sensitive waters of the relationship between a 24-year-old Elvis and a 14-year-old Priscilla. Here's what we know.

The texts are out. Does that make Brady a bad girlfriend? Let’s see what kind of girlfriend you have to be to stand up to someone like Jonah

Uncover the truth behind "I Will Survive" lyrics: Was Gloria Gaynor abused? Explore the rumors and revelations in this insightful article.

Delving into the truth behind the Chris D'Elia abuse allegations. Explore the details and uncover the facts in this revealing article.

The days of buying tickets for Armie Hammer movies might be done, but find out if this is a permanent blacklisting or just a temporary disappearance!

Actor Ezra Miller is once again being accused of abusive behavior. Now, the court can't serve legal papers since Miller's location has yet to be found.

In the midst of a defamation trial, Amber Heard may now have to worry about her future in movies. Will she be cut from the next 'Aquaman' film?