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If you are fascinated by the minds of these serial killers & won’t flinch at their gruesome crimes, we’ve got a list of the best documentaries. 

Twenty years ago, a terrorist attack on U.S. soil shook the world. Remember the tragedy with EM Productions's new documentary '9/11: Minute by Minute'.

Basketball documentaries show the world the history of the game. Check out these eight documentaries that are best worth your while.

There have been numerous documentaries made about Chris Watts and his terrible crimes, has he watched the latest one?

'Ashes', the latest work by Jiunxun Jin, is an unique take on classic war documentary tropes, changing the way we look at soldiers.

If you're done watching 'Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich', check out some other documentaries you can stream right now or are coming soon.

Premiering at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, 'Insert Coin' takes a look at the legacy of one of the best video game developers, Eugene Jarvis.

Before the Lifetime Original Movie comes out, learn everything about the Chris Watts case. Watch witness and expert testimony about this tragic murder.

Need more than another Ted Bundy docuseries? Here are some of the most addictive true crime docs on Netflix to draw you in.