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"Dive into the mystery surrounding 'The Trail'. Is this chilling true crime documentary a captivating reality or an elaborately spun hoax? Sherlock your way in, and let's find

Crowning crime connoisseurs, Netflix is about to spill tea on Prince Andrew’s royal scandal. Will the Duke waltz his way out, or will this explosive docu-drama lead to

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Steeped in a down-to-earth controversy, could JK Rowling's Twitter drama land her behind bars? Discover the legal twist in the misgendering allegations tale only the creator of Hogwarts

Delving into the truth behind the Chris D'Elia abuse allegations. Explore the details and uncover the facts in this revealing article.

The days of buying tickets for Armie Hammer movies might be done, but find out if this is a permanent blacklisting or just a temporary disappearance!