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Are you letting your Amazon Prime subscription rot away? It's hard to keep track of the best movies sometimes. Put your account to use and watch these now!

Get the most out of your Amazon Prime subscription with the best movies

Are you letting your Amazon Prime subscription rot away? Too decision-fatigued to make a choice for yourself? Well, we’ve got you. With such a wide array of movies to choose from,  it can get tricky to choose the right movie for your mood. We’re here to help with this list of the best movies on Amazon Prime right now. Let’s put your subscription to good use. 

Back To The Future

In this 1985 movie, we see the protagonist Marty traveling back in time through a time machine. But you know how messy time travel can get. He realizes his arrival could tweak events & change the future. So, now he has to make his parents — who are in high school in this new time period, by the way — fall in love so he has a reason to exist in the present day. There’s an eccentric scientist involved. 

Not many sci-fi movies have as deep an impact on the popular culture as Back to the Future did, what with a musical, an animated television series, video games, comic books, board games, clothing, music, books, food, toys, collectibles, and theme park rides being inspired from it. It’s a whole multimedia franchise.

The Big Sick

Not a very obvious choice, but The Big Sick, written by the husband-wife duo Emily V. Gordon & Kumail Nanjiani has penned an exceptional relationship drama inspired by the first year of their relationship. It isn’t just boring relationship ups & downs, though. 

The plot takes inspiration from reality: in their first year of relationships — eight months into it to be precise — Gordon got sick & was placed in a medically induced coma. The quirks of the usual dating scene don’t seem so bad right now, do they? It’s almost unanimously a comfort movie, so head on to Amazon Prime for some warmth.

Casino Royale

We do like to stick with the classic, too. In Casino Royale, Daniel Craig plays James Bond, the fictional British Secret Service Agent, and works to prevent Le Chiffre, a mob banker, from winning a high stakes poker game. This movie marks Craig’s debut as the suave & charming agent, newly minted as 007. 

At the time of release, Casino Royale pulled an overwhelmingly positive response from audiences & critics alike, mostly because of the new energy Craig brought to the character. 

Dead Poets Society

Like we said, we love a good classic & we bet you do too. Dead Poets Society isn’t just a movie. It’s a rite of passage for anyone who has ever watched any movie at all. On the face of it, it’s just another teen drama based out of a school, but the further you get drawn into it, the more you learn about life within the confines of the boarding school. 

Robin Williams as John Keating leaves an indelible mark on audiences as well as gives us some of the most meaningful, heartbreaking scenes, including the famous, “O captain, my captain.” As John Keating uses poetry to inspire his boarding school students to break free from the status quo, it’s hard not to be changed by it. 

Late Night

Time for a little dramaedy. Starring Mindy Kaling & Emma Thompson, Late Night is inspired by Kaling’s own experiences in the industry. The story follows the life of a TV show host who hires a new writer to keep herself relevant & as insulation from getting replaced. 

But things get out of control when her personal emails become public. That’s not good, even for us, so you can only imagine what it must be like for a TV show host. Late Night makes for a light-hearted comedy, earnest in its plot, with two great actors to lead the ship.

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