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Ready to see Beast Boy do a dance on 'Fortnite'? See the reaction of another one of the 'Teen Titans' characters joining the 'Fortnite' universe.

‘Teen Titans’: Which iconic characters can you play as in ‘Fortnite’?

Teen Titans, just the name of the DC superhero group, fills people with deep-seated nostalgia. Whether it’s for the comics characters or the ones of the Cartoon Network TV series (either one or both incarnations) or, yes, the live-action version, people have a lot of love for the Teen Titans. So is it really that much of a surprise that your favorite Teen Titans characters are now skins on Fortnite

Now this isn’t the first time one of the Teen Titans characters joined the Fortnite universe. Raven, everyone’s fave half-demonic goth superhero, joined Fornite in season 6 as a battle pass skin. This time, however, Beast Boy is up to bat. The green, shapeshifting hero is coming to the item shop on May 13 at 8pm ET. No word on how many V bucks you’ll have to spend, but does it really matter? 

The design for Beast Boy (and Raven) are taken from Gabriel Picolo’s gorgeous fanart turned into actual graphic novel art of the Teen Titans as teens. Even a load screen showing BBRae on a walk together looks like it’s in Picolo’s distinctive style. So how is Twitter reacting to things? Here’s what you need to know. 


Ah the nostalgia is real right now

Yes! Beast Boy turns into a gorilla as well. 


Let’s do it! 

Maybe throw in some Cyborg as well? 


Million dollar idea

Listen, the art is so cool. And maybe we can do another Teen Titans animated series but using this art style? Maybe an HBO Max animated series!


That’s how they get’cha

You want the skins, but now you have to get Fortnite to get them.


It’s a really good design!

Just enjoy the designs.



Days have been made better for the reveal.


Let him live the dream!

It’s what he would have wanted. Gamer that he is.


Meanwhile, others were feeling some major disappointment

If you don’t play, then you were probably disappointed with the news.


Batman: *drama*

Behold! Two very different approaches to the world


Beast Boy dance party!

And everyone is just gonna be dancing as Beast Boy would do!

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