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What’s going on with the new season of 'AHS'? Uncover these fascinating theories about 'American Horror Story' and its new season.

Will this new ‘AHS’ season live up to the hype? Dive into these fan theories

What’s going on with the new season of AHS? When it comes to our favorite collection of horror stories, fans were left dealing with a year-long delay due to the now subsiding COVID-19 pandemic. While America was in the midst of dealing with their own real-life horror stories, it’s no wonder fans of the American Horror Story series have started creating their own theories of what could be coming next. 

A nautical-horror theme has been confirmed by the show’s creator Ryan Murphy for the upcoming season. Given the structure of the show’s previous seasons, however, it’s reasonable to hypothesize that things are going to be far more complex than just a solar theme. 

We’re pretty sure there’s going to be some pizzazz to the plot that’ll once again connect all the seasons. This is what drives us to create these exciting theories!

Time Travel

Fans actually expected time travel to be the center of attention in the sixth season of Roanoke. Fans eagerly anticipated a future story using the time travel plot device to create a “decade-blending horror story”. 

If the pilgrims and the Lady of the Dunes storylines do come true, the writers are going to have to find a way to bring the 1600s & 1970s together. Time travel will be the most logical & thrilling addition to a future story. 

Lady of the Dunes

Remember in the beginning of the series, we got to learn about horrific serial killers slightly unknown to the public (well at least compared to Jeffrey Dahmer and Aileen Wuornos)? Rumors are going around about the inclusion of a famous homicide. 

In the 1970s, a real-life murder case was born. Dubbed the Lady of the Dunes, she’s an unidentified woman found murdered in Provincetown, Massachusetts which happens to be the confirmed filming location of AHS’s new season. And as any true fan would know, AHS is no stranger to illustrating their portrayal of true crime cases. 

Urban Legends

Urban legends are modern folklore in a way, and they often make great horror stories. True crimes are usually what inspires these stories. Plus, it’s widely speculated that there will be a new season featuring urban legends. 1984 hinted at it. 

Part of the hint was a mention of the Loch Ness Monster, a creature of infamy and said to be living in a Scottish loch.

Bridgewater Triangle

When you think about the new season of AHS’s confirmed filming location, fans have reasons to believe the creator’s attention to geography is important. Murphy may have decided to have the filming in Provincetown, with one major location being the Bridgewater Triangle. 

It’s a 200 square mile area of Massachusetts that’s known for paranormal occurrences. This area of land could very well serve as an explanation for much of the horrific and otherworldly situations our favorite characters find themselves in. 


Are you a Greek mythology fan? Some promotional art that’s been released so far featured razor-sharp teeth and possibly a tongue tattoo. Some Reddit users theorize the plot will revolve around the Greek myth of sirens

They were bird-like women who would lure sailors into a terrible downfall through the art of song. If the season will really be centered around water, this makes for a nice story blend. Sires happen to be a little marginalized in the horror genre, so this could be a very memorable season. 


The series is known for gathering genres and putting them together like a picture, and another long-talked about theory takes us back to season 2: Asylum. Sarah Paulson modestly talked about aliens returning in a new season in a Digital Spy interview. 

It’s not hard to believe they’ll go back at some point. They’ve done it before. The aliens were such a major part of season 2, but they haven’t come back since. What happened to them? Are we going to see them again?

We might!

The new season of AHS is coming! And like always, there’s lots of questions and excitement. What do you think about the theories? Do you have any of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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